"I am homeless for 25 years, at the mercy of my talent,” says Jim Power. Jim found a creative outlet in creating hand-crafted mosaic artwork that he started posting on lampposts in Lower Manhattan’s Eastside. Jim's creativity transformed the streets into the “Mosaic Trail." The art, a passion close to his heart, connected Jim to his inner voice. The “Mosaic Trail” became his purpose, his expression of self. The stories in Jim’s mosaics provided an identity for people in the Eastside. When the city threatened to destroy his work, the community rallied around Jim to protect the “mosaic trail," now a legacy for the residents. Listen to Jim Power's story as the Mosaic Man...


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  • Edna

    Jim Power's stuck to his convictions. He told his story in only his way, and it leaves his legacy behind. I am inspired by him-greatly

  • donna

    it made my heart sing - thank you Jim for living your purpose by sharing your gift with the world - love, light and blessings...

  • Erin

    Staying true to his creativity and voice... BEAUTIFUL

  • Susanp

    Jim, you are an inspiration. I'm so moved by your desire, passion and commitment to create beauty in your community! Thank you for making the world a better place!

  • Kauni

    This man is stunning....his art is beyond amazing....shows you how many people are talented..and ignored, jailed..etc..in our society....

  • Gary Gruber

    Jim is not homeless although we generally know what that means, the lack of permanent shelter. His home is his world on Manhattan's Lower Eastside. He is "at home" there where he dispenses the beauty in his own spirit and for that we can be humbled and grateful.

  • Patric

    His art, first and foremost is the most inspirational part of this story. But his open heart and connection with the people in the street is also very inspirational from a different angle. I hope to see him or his work one day in NYC.

  • nicole

    Seeing Jim's joyous determination to fulfill (in Coltrane's words) "the creator's master plan

  • Amy

    Jim's passion and kindness to others is wildy inspirational. I wish he had proper food and shelter to care for him as he grows old. His generosity of spirit and artistic expression is amazing.

  • Jim J

    Thank you Jim for being a giving person to the world with your artistic talent and giving love and loyalty to your dog. You are an inspiration to a lot of people.

  • Lynn J

    God bless you Jim! You are an inspiration to everyone who knows about you and your amazing work!

  • Naureen Janmohammad, 25

    The Mosaic Man's passion and love combined with his skill artfully crafted a bond among the people of New York and the craftsman.

  • pegi emiliani

    His dedication and joy.

  • ann

    Mostly the reminder that there are people out there who appear to be on the ragged edge of society...who are contributing such great stuff that the rest of us don't have time for.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    the Power of Passion. The Power of doing what you Love. Living your Passion. Thank you for sharing. HUGS to you Jim, may your Story continue. May it be honored and respected. <3

  • daniel

    what a great character. using his time in a productive and creative manner for others to benefit and at the same time adding charm to the city.

  • Ranjini

    His will power to continue what he enjoyed ......kudos to Jim Power

  • Brenda

    Jim's persistence and commitment are truly inspirational.


    very nice idea and very creation

  • Chad

    Lower east side is an AMAZING neighborhood. I have lived in the east village, a few blocks away. People put their heart and soul in these neighborhoods especially when the society leaders forget about them. Then when real-estate becomes needed they claim its time to clean up the place. They didn't care until they decide how to make money from it. Then its destroyed, repackaged and sold. Yet Americans support the idea of capitalism. Freedom to create is not part of capitalism's so called freedom.

  • Tracey

    How amazing! This man is clearly driven to create and to leave his human footprint. What a shame it was ever conceived of as damaging property. I would prefer a million of these rather than blank ugly concrete...that to me is a visual and community abomination.

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  • Take up an activity you enjoy, and perform it with consistency. Share your passion with others. Your impact may inspire and encourage them to pursue their own talents.

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