Deep in the isolated wilderness of New Guinea lives extraordinary beauty as you have never seen it before. It pours from within the existence of 39 species of birds found nowhere else on earth. For over a decade, Ed Scholes, a Cornell Lab scientist, and Tim Laman, a National Geographic photojournalist, took on the Birds-of-Paradise project – an incredible journey to capture the majestic splendor of these birds. Mother Nature is full of abundance and boundless wonders. When we are in tune with nature, it connects us back with those universal creative powers and healing energy. Let the birds of paradise dance, parade, and serenade you with their extraordinary ornaments and plumes.


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  • chella

    correction on typing erros " facing challenge "

  • Chella

    Firstly my sincere appreciation goes to the crew members who has invested thier time, efford and dancing challengges to bring this amazing documentary films to the world.Beautiful and thank you.The paradise birds, wow!Amazing.Watching them, singing, dancing and cordinating,make me happy and feels good!Nature has, is own story to tell,just love and believe it,the rest will be taken care.

  • Mary

    I love listening to nature of all kinds. I have never seen such beautiful birds.

  • Paul Hayden

    Beautiful! But it’s amazing and almost funny that they have to START with the presumed (to them) fact of what one of the guys calls “the miracle of evolution”, and wondering then “Why” all this took place....... So I guess IF there was a God, He couldn’t possibly have created all these different species, everything just evolved from some purely accidental meshing or mushing together of some mud and electrical impulses, and the whales, the flowers, and these gorgeous birds of paradise all came from the same spontaneous development in the universe, right here on earth. Now that takes a lot more ‘blind faith’ than simply believing that there is a God Who is intelligent, caring, and well-planned and orderly. At least in my primitive thinking.

  • linda quirk

    these birds bring tears to my eyes and give me the chills. It's both humbling and awe-inspiring to see such gorgeous beings.

  • Jean Wallace

    everything! The birds are exceptionally beautiful and their behaviors are so complex and unusual. the female was watching so closely with such concentrated energy, their behaviors are so interesting!! I know how difficult it is to take these pictures!! We have tried in the city and I am so amazed at their work!!! and at the dedication and lifestyle they have undertaken in order to bring this fascinating and beautiful information to the public is so amazing...I am very thankful...and looking forward to more!!

  • Anne Marie

    The beauty and wonder and diversity of teh natural world along with the dedication of these two men

  • sherry bradley

    The color, beauty of nature! Truly so uplifting t

  • Mary Anne Maldonado

    The wonder of God! Once you are speaking of evolution it's difficult to deny that God the Creator is really something! Seems to me that these birds are something he did just for the heck of it! because he enjoys creating beauty and it must have been fun to do! I'm so thankful that you all have brought them into my world...Mary Anne Maldonado

  • Gwem

    Nature is by far the creator of the most beautiful displays. Thank you Mother Earth. Gratitude is what inspired me.

  • Geri

    These wonders, so precious in their hidden world, remind me of lost Eden. Thanks to Ed Scholes, Tim Laman and National Geographic for this gift of beauty and information. 9/30/14.

  • Eileen

    So uplifting! the amazing variety of sounds, colour, movement etc. Praise God for the marvel and wonder of creation.

  • Franki

    The expression used below of God's Handiwork says it all! We cannot comprehend but can just stand with open mouths in awe at the beauty and power of the unseen force! And we are wired as humans to appreciate the beauty of bright moving colours! Many thanks to these guys for their dedication and communication.

  • Tina

    I would love a job doing this type of research: Capturing the wonders of nature. Truly an awesome display. Thank you for sharing such captured beauty!

  • Deepak

    Thank you Ed and Tim for these awesome nature's gifts . It is nature gift to us and we have the responsibility to preserve . Nature is awesome and we all humans need to protect Mother Earth from man's destructive activities .

  • monte j

    Amazing birds, we can learn a lot from birds.

  • Norine

    However these two scientists endured and captured these unbelievable and awesome photos of the most beautiful birds I've ever seen. Truly God's handiwork. Thank you.

  • Sandra Rempel

    It makes me realize that the hand of God is in evolution ! As Maya Angelou has said..."God is ALL

  • Heidi

    This is amazing! Thank you so much for your determination in finding/following these beautiful creations of God. I'm always left in awe at the gifts He's given us to behold! You guys rock!

  • Vicky

    I would love to see these birds in their natural habitat. Thank you for this amazing glimpse into a place we may not experience otherwise.

  • jenny

    Thank you, Ed and Tim - for giving us a glimpse at this rare beauty. I've always loved nature, and have a fondness for birds. This video breathes some light into my soul which has felt dark and heavy with all the war and brutality in our world.

  • Joan Marie

    The importance of taking care of our miraculous planet...

  • gayathri

    Live on....Thrive on....cannot imagine an Earth without these beautifying wonders...

  • M

    Fascinating!! Nature never fails to leave me awestruck.

  • Sarah Rarback

    beautiful color combinations, designs, shapes, movements, fascinating behaviors of these special creatures. I watched it over and over.

  • steve zimmett

    Facinating. Tim Layman spent a decade photographing these magnificent creatures.Reading about new guinea. Geologically it is a part of the same tectonic plate as Australia. The current population of the island of New Guinea is about eleven million. I wonder if either of these 2 photographers ever meet these people.Incredible stuff!!

  • berry

    This video was so wonderful! Birds are such precious creatures on our earth. Not only are they a joy to watch, they keep our environment alive and help humans to survive. I don't understand how anyone couldn't appreciate the beauty and service they bring to our world. Cheers to Tim and Ed! Thank you.

  • guri

    Wow! How incredible to see the unique evolution of these birds. I'm simply stunned and left wondering at what could have happened if we had left more areas of the planet untouched.

  • Patti

    This made me smile so wide my face almost broke…. how amazingly beautiful, beyond belief, and joyous to watch...

  • Michelle

    The devotion that these two guys put into their work. They obviously love the forest, and giving the world a bird's eye view of their life there. I'd love to see a longer version, maybe on TV?

  • carrie

    My heart expands to remember the miracle of earth. I have both fear (for its destruction) and gratitude for its existence.

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  • To learn more about the project, visit the Birds-of-Paradise website.
  • Visit the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to learn how the organization aims to protect New Guinea's wetlands, where half of New Guinea exotic birds dwell.
  • Pause and observe your natural surroundings at least once a day, whether it’s your backyard or view outside the window. Connect with nature - it will do you good.

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