Joshua Seftel is an award-winning filmmaker who has worked on many high-profile film, TV, and radio shows. This video is about a much smaller, much more personal project. Joshua originally bought his mom an iPad to stay in better touch with her after his father passed away last year. Once they began chatting regularly, he quickly realized their talks were something special. And he began filming them so that others could share in the experience. Thus, a web series was born.


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  • vijaya

    Technology helpsto keep relationship closer.

  • Laura

    I want Josh's mom on my radio show! She reminds me of my sweet, funny, kind, entertaining mom. Thanks!

  • Tamilyn

    when she said because i like you .... i got misty lol xo

  • Janice Bowman

    OOOH, that was sooo sweet. I lost my mother 40 years ago when I was young. Thank you for sharing YOUR mother with the WORLD! What a GIFT!

  • Deb

    I love the love between Joshua and his Mom. He is not only doing a family preservation project, but he is helping his Mom exercise her mind. Thank you for sharing this!

  • Laura

    Touching story. Thanks so much for sharing it!

  • Pauline

    My children gave me an I-pad for my 80th birthday. I call it my best friend. I can FaceTime with my children and grandchildren. Doing crossword puzzles every day keeps my brain active. Loved the video!

  • Lois

    So much we can do now, to have and to hold for life, and cherish forever.

  • Viviane Blais

    Nice story. I wish I was close to my mother like that. By the way, I had it subtitled in English and French on the Amara platform. Hopefully, other languages will follow.

  • Ronnie

    What inspired you about this video? Great example of how technology can bring meaning to elederly people, who are so often made to feel dumb and useless because they fear and have a hard time catching on to technology. Society must find a way to give the elderly an easier access and encouragement to use ths kind of technology!

  • Mindy

    My son got me my iPad too, but will allow FaceTime for special occasions :(.

  • Ruth Ann

    It made me miss my mom who passed away over 23 years ago. I miss our conversations.

  • deejay.

    Importance of mother in our life.

  • Joe Bob

    You can just do anything and be successful. There is no end to opportunity.

  • Gerry De Jesus


  • Mag

    The raw honesty and love of a son for his mother and mother for her son....My fiancé and his brothers just got their mother an ipad for Christmas and they too had their father pass away a short year ago. So this story touched on the tenderness of their experience, as well as being a beautiful story unto itself. Thank you for sharing this heart-warming story...May Joshua and his mom (as well and my finace and his brothers and mother) spend many hours having wonderful conversation on the ipad...Namaste

  • Martha

    I have two sons - one in NYC who bought me an iPad so we could facetime. The other one temporarily lives with me. I love my time with both of them. It is good to see this same connection come to life in an other mom and son. I think face lift is an accurate description of conversations and and life with sons!

  • Linda

    What a lovely story. I agree that the i-pad is a wonderful tool to bring families together. One of my children lives in Belgium with her husband and daughter. I miss them so much! We often share face time with them, and have wonderful games of hide-n-seek with my granddaughter. Imagine playing hide-n-seek from so far away! Difficult to believe, but it works. My granddaughter tells one of us to look in a particular place for the person that is hiding, and another family member holding the i-pad goes and looks until she finally guesses the hiding place. A wonderful game for all of us.

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  • Consider the ways in which technology-mediated communication assists and hinders interpersonal relationships.
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