The world can seem like a cold place sometimes - a place where you are completely disconnected from the people around you, even if you are sitting across from them on a bus. Designer and artist Mariëlle Coppes believes you have a tremendous power within you to do good. And once you discover this power, there are no boundaries. Watch this short, sweet video of how Coppes decided to brighten people's day and show them that they are connected and loved.


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  • patricia

    What inspired you about this video? I loved the creative act and the joy to simply enjoy oneself giving to others. I love giving to strangers and believe the smile is so gracious> THis brought me to smile and enjoy her joy and each person's getting a crane!> Fantastic

  • ellen

    What inspired you about this video? a simple though profound desire to connect with people/strangers through a lovely but simple paper crane. the crane and statement Marielle inserted undoubtedly brought if not a smile, a heartwarming experience to the people she gave them to. it inspired me to find instructions on how to make the cranes and make some to give away....thank you!

  • Karin

    To spread kindness and joy is what we need in the world today. Thank you Marielle.

  • Ashok Kumar

    Awesome ! Very well conceived an idea ! And Marielle chose CRANE to reach out the message of CARE....when you interchange the letters of the word CRANE, you get CARE...N ; sounds like CARING ! here is bounties of best wishes to you for being remarkably Human !

  • Ann

    What a wonderful, selfless gift. I would like to do this or something similar, to share kindness.

  • Sandra

    awe,Cranes From The Heart. :)xo

  • paula pam

    What inspired you about this video? the mere simplicity of a selfless act, done to touch sooooo many, beautiful way to spread kindness.

  • Bev

    I've been folding cranes for fifty years--ever since I lived in Hiroshima, Japan. I call them "Peace Cranes" and ask people that I hand them out to to work for peace. When I was diagnosed with cancer, 1000 were folded and hung for me. It's beautiful.

  • Kathleen

    The simplicity and joy of the idea as a way to reach out and share!

  • Sunshyne501

    What inspired me about this video is that Mariëlle Coppes took the time to first think about making someone else's day with a small, but yet BIG act of kindnesss/thought. Many people don't care to see another persons happiness or a mere smile if it's not them smiling. Just knowing that someone else has a HUGE heart that loves deeply for someone other than themselves is what has inspired me. #Onelove

  • Tony Allen

    A beautiful flower n the middle of the dessert.

  • chris

    it shows that doing something positive or compassionate is slmple. maybe not easy sometimes. i am doing something simple. in the house i live in we have many ants. these can be annoying but i see them as living beings and instead of pesticide i gather them in various ways and take them somewhere out of the is no big deal but very enjoyable to do something nice for someone else.

  • Sass

    Beautiful! Simple acts of kindness that make the heart skip and the soul shine..Lovely idea.

  • Lonnie Bank

    It inspired me that Marielle brought smiles on every one of the people's faces she handed a crane to. A beautiful thing to do. You never know how that gentle act of kindness might change one's life. Lonnie Bank

  • Ginny

    Giving each of these 1,000 cranes away is like 1,000 acts of kindness. I love this project.

  • Nancy Behn

    I have witnessed in her Video, the act of Kindness in her heart.

  • Susan

    Just how simple it is to bring joy into the world and the inspired creativity to do so.

  • hari

    Beautiful person; sharing,spreading,LOVE in action

  • Jackie Green

    One person changes the world.

  • Brooke

    Someone actually demonstrating how easy it is--that most of us can have a healing affect on our society/world while having fun and healing our own cloudy spots in our spirits. Let's just DO it!!

  • garry

    What a wonderful and simple way of brightening peoples days . a simple act of kindness

  • Emily

    I was introduced to the art of paper folding from Japanese exchange students that lived with my family in the 1970s. I was young and learned to appreciate other peoples' cultures through this program and keep sharing those values daily with those around me . . . paper cranes still adorn my home and remind me of my prayers for world peace every day. Glad to see others with the same dream and vision.

  • Julia

    This is a very touching and great idea. It must have taken a lot of time and effort for her to make all of these cranes. But, I am glad she could make someones day a little brighter by giving them this special gift.

  • Anna

    How "little" it takes to create a connection and make people happy. "little" is relative because it took some time and effort but what she did is something anybody can do.

  • Shari

    It reminded me of my son when he was a young child and his love of origami and how much pleasure it brought to others. Even today it has an impact on those he shared it with, so to will Marielle's, lovely video.

  • cynthia

    Beautiful. I agree a hug would have been my gift back. Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea.

  • Mary

    She took action from her heart.

  • Eroca

    Kindness made manifest. Smiles all around.

  • Chris

    What a wonderful way to spread peace and love! Thank you for doing this and sharing it with the world through this great video. Blessings to you and the world!

  • Jerri

    This is a wonderfull way to let people know they are special. I want to do this with my students at school. Thank you for the idea.

  • Elizabeth

    My friends and I made a thousand cranes for our friend who was dying of cancer. We strung them and hung them in her bedroom. This video reminded me of the joy she felt looking at all of those cranes made from all her loving friends. Thank you for sharing the video!

  • Gloria

    Such a beautiful & touching gesture!! I am surprise nobody hug her tight! I would! :)

  • Jacques

    Sharing love!

  • Mindy

    Beautiful giving :)) of peace cranes. Few years ago, helped elementary school origami club fold 1000 cranes. We strung together with nylon line to form rainbow of cranes. Sent to Hiroshima Peace Park in Japan. Thank you for video. Blessings, friends.

  • Ravishankar

    The joy of giving. Making strangers happy. Amazing.

  • Nicolas

    What inspired me about this video is the creative way of making peoples life happier even if we dont know them, saying we really care.

  • lizzie

    It's amazing how a generous spirit of sharing whether smiles, kindness, thoughtfulness connects us altogether and allows our happy endorphins to flow, flow flow hence we benefit so much also. Inspiring.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    the seemingly smallest act can have a beautiful and positive impact. thank you for sharing your gift with so many. it was lovely to see their expressions as they received your paper cranes in so many different circumstances and locations. <3 and HUGS to you. PS I never leave home with my FREE HUGs sign and tiny bottles of bubbles to share with Strangers (who often become friends) HUG

  • Liss

    I have tears of joy watching this! What a beautiful project! Spread love, spread kindness! We are all human beings trying to live a life on the same planet. LOVE LASTS LONGER THEN LIFE

  • Jana

    What a special act of kindness. It brought so much happiness. She really made a difference. Lovely!

  • Pat

    That took lots of time and create the give them away....she had a wonderful smile....colorful video....beautiful music

  • Loretta

    "Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me." Angels are all around. They come in all shapes and forms. Need I say More?

  • Kay

    Marseille' s smile and generosity.

  • Avigdor

    Great pure love manifestation. Angel,You make the world a better place. Love & light ♥

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  • Mariëlle Coppes believes you should "live your life as if you were writing your own story." Visit her Magical Daydream site, filled with ideas for creative (and colorful) acts of kindness.
  • Read about how the Japanese legend of folding 1000 paper cranes has become a worldwide symbol for peace.
  • Find a way to connect with the strangers you encounter today. Share your story with us as a comment on this video.

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