When 64 year old retiree, Huseyin Cetinel, repainted the ugly concrete of the Findikli Stairs in central Istanbul in rainbow hues, he was not intending to start a revolution. He just wanted "to make people smile." But when the city repainted the steps to their original dull gray, things got interesting. Istanbul is famously activist when it comes to high-handed government appropriations of public space. Taking to social media, guerillas of color quickly transformed public passageways throughout Istanbul -- and around Turkey -- into places of joy.


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  • Jyoti

    You may use your talent and passion to make a change! What a way to inspire the community to get involved! I wonder how the funds were raised. Great efforts!

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  • Read the full story of â€‹this revolution of public engagement, sparked by Huseyin Cetinel's act of creative merry-making.
  • Many psychologists, artists, and others have studied the psychological effect of color -- but consider the lyrical musings of German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe on the subject.
  • How can you brighten the environment for others in your community?  Pick-up trash on the street, place a message or picture in a window, "yarn bomb" -- let your creativity guide you!

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