Sometimes bonds are created in unexpected ways and can lead to extraordinary acts of giving. This video from the nonprofit "Autism Speaks" documents just such a moment between Daniel Newberger, a young boy with autism and Manuel Sanchez, the trash collector who decided to cross the divide from friendly stranger to friend.


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  • vinod eshwer

    hear, hear, the lotus blooms in muck but here, kindness bloomed in a garbage truck :)

  • Gene

    I am inspired by the human kindness that Manuel expressed towards Daniel. That form of love is an awesome thing that can be expressed towards everyone, unconditionally. thanks

  • jm

    Just the love and human kindness. I have tears in my eyes. We all need to see more of this because our world right now is suffering through a period of political indifference to the needs of many beautiful souls like this child. I know there are good people out there, like this wonderful man, and they bring light to the world.

  • C.T.

    Back in 1989 when a garbage truck was virtually an unheard of or desired toy, I was working near Philadelphia, PA. at a residential care facility for boys with developmental disabilities. One of our boys, who had no involved family and who stayed at this facility even for holidays, was absolutely fascinated by the garbage truck that serviced our facility. And, as it would happen, a toy garbage truck was the one and only item on his Christmas gift wish list. When several young Marines visited and distributed Toys for Tots, our staff asked if they might possibly have a toy garbage truck for this boy and, as we expected, they did not. What we did not expect is that one of these Marines would make an unannounced visit to our facility on Christmas Eve and that he would bring with him a toy garbage truck for our boy. Turns out that after the Marines had left, they sent word out to other Marines to go on a tri-state search for a toy garbage truck and one was finally located at a store in Delaware. Of course, this was at a time before the internet and cell phones so this coordinated search took a lot of time and effort. After all these many years I still tear up (like Khanna in her comment below) as I think about this incredible, selfless act of kindness for a boy with special needs whom they did not know. I wish I knew the name of the young Marine who dropped off the truck so that he could be publicly acknowledged but, of course, he politely chose not to tell us. If this story sounds familiar to any Marines who are reading this, please submit a comment with your name(s). I still would like to know your name(s) so that I can extend my gratitude and respect. And thanks to KarmaTube for posting this video because it has given me this opportunity to share this story that needed to be told. May God bless these and all Marines and all who serve our nation and who serve those little ones who too often find themselves devalued by society and, in our boy's case, by his own family.

  • Norma Ruiz

    It is touching to see that a child can bridge so many perceived divides. He touched the garbageman by his fascination for the garbage truck and his awe of what they did. It was unconditional joy that motivated this worker to think about this child away from the job and know what he can give to make this child happy. There was no division of class, disability, language, color, etc. -- only love and kindness.

  • Geoff

    Great to see someone take the time to make a difference, especially to a child!

  • khanna

    Beautiful. I'm actually tearing up, kudos to Manuel to celebrate Daniel in such a loving and generous way. Thank you for sharing.

  • Ginny Abblett

    What inspired you about this video? The 2 people who connected - I could see the love passing through. I LOVED that the parents also celebrated this special moment...

  • Ginny Abblett

    Just incredibly touching. Yay to Daniel and Manuel - yes, we are all connected and let us celebrate those connections...

  • Jo Sanders

    Heart-opening piece, reminding me that there is love, compassion, and care everywhere... we just need to be open to others, and to me, 'giving' is the key to happiness. Palms joined...

  • Anne Beckett

    The reminder that there are good and kind people everywhere.

  • dawn Brackett

    That kindness comes form places people do not expect. Beautiful to see kindness always

  • Lynn Bank

    I love children, taught students with Special Needs, love unexpected kindness! Thanks for the message!

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  • How might you go beyond being a "friendly stranger" the next time you encounter someone different? Go ahead and follow through on that impulse.

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