We think we know beauty through sight, but these four visually impaired people envision beauty in a different form. Robert, Sheila, Sean, and Virginia describe how they visualize beauty through aspects such as a person’s character, or through experience, such as the smell of warm, baked cookies or grass beneath one’s feet. When life consists of nothing but feelings, going to the beach and sitting by the shore is beauty with its calm and peace. Losing one’s sight means also losing one’s judgment. Beauty becomes an experience of living and finding joy — the most beautiful thing in the world.


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  • Abhinav

    Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder->not true... Beauty lies in the heart of the beholder... Thank you for introducing the world to the reality of beauty..

  • Paul

    I took people who can't see to teach me how to see. Thank you.

  • Jean

    Only few have seen the real beauty/the most beautiful thing/feeling in this world. so nice :)

  • Melodie

    All of it. It's opened up my mind to how the world could be if we all were sightless. A wonderful video.

  • SammyG

    Thanks for sharing "the beauty we can't see".Inner beauty is everlasting, physical beauty is temporary.

  • Lucy

    How wonderful to be able to tap into things those of us with sight miss. There's no texting, tweeting or Facebook with these folks. They are realizing things that so many of us miss. Life, feelings, smells, and sounds make up their world. They are all beautiful human beings and have my awe and respect!

  • Frenchelle

    This video confirms what I feel and see since I am not blind but believe in Jesus Christ who gives me great peace and joy to enjoy people and things. You see deeper in ones character through there voice, actions and interaction with yourself. You appreciate all that God has made and especially the human body that is superb in knowledge, strength, abilities, personalities, and able to substitute parts of the body that doesn't function like it should. When realizing your senses help you to achieve even if you have lost one thee others step in to still help you. We are wonderfully made and I think the comments made are true and pure created by a wonderful Father Jesus Christ.

  • Donald

    Just hearing the 4 people talk was an experience and to feel what they were talking about as if my eyes were also being opened for the first time. To feel beauty as an experience of living and as an emotion of Joy - wonderful thoughts As a spiritual garden designer we tend to consider beauty as a physical item to be seen. I will add beauty as an experience of living into my gardens - not certain how at this moment but will try. Thank you for sharing

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Beauty is living. Yes, beauty is the kindness we share and how we treat each other without judgement. Beauty is seeing the heart. YES! thank you for sharing YOUR beauty with all of us! Hugs from my heart to yours!

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