Koolulam is a social musical initiative aimed at empowering communities and strengthening the fabric of society. Through collaborative creative experiences, they bring together people of different backgrounds, cultures, faiths and geographies to stop everything for a few hours and sing. This iteration of Matisyahu's song, One Day, sung in English, Arabic and Hebrew, brought together 3,000 people in Haifa, Israel in February 2018. Koolulam has shown how to harness the power of musical harmony, and use it to inspire harmony in humanity. Join the movement to create social change through musical cooperation.


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  • Cathy

    This is an absolutely amazing experience - gives me goosebumps and I couldn't help but well up in tears at the thought of what people are experiencing in our world today. Music speaks all languages and is such a powerful way of getting a message across. Why can't we all embrace each other, simplify our lives, care for each other and make a better future for the young people who have their lives to live in the future? Greed and power unfortunately continues to rule in our world which is so very sad. If only we could have had the lyrics in English, it would have meant so much more. So inspiring and gives us some hope, Congratulations!!!

  • Mick Gregor

    I have enjoyed the music and hope I found in the music of Avishai and Sheva from the 90s: Galilean Arab, Jewish and Christian musicians singing powerful and peaceful songs about getting along together—music is perhaps the most hopeful way through this insanity. Thank you for carrying on and amplifying this practice dear Matisyahu!

  • Ubong

    Inspiring! It's the Oneness for me, beyond culture, ethnicity, Religion.

  • Lindsey Pollock

    This moved me to tears. WHEN will we realize this ONE DAY?! Seeing the children in the video and knowing the horrors occurring worldwide, how can we deny our children a better tomorrow?

  • Llyn

    I just got waves of goosebumps and tears filled my eyes...Thanks! I only wish there were subtitles for the lyrics as sometimes I had to strain to make out the words. But so beautiful!

  • Susan C

    Besides holding hands, singing together is the most intimate act we can perform with others in public. Everyone was singing wholeheartedly. Whole Hearts. So many in unison on the SAME MESSAGE for our children.

  • Kiran

    Beautiful and grand initiative!

  • Susana

    Maybe one day it could be posible. I wish

  • Marisa Guijarro

    If the whole world sang in unison this world would change.

  • Song

    What a beautiful imprint on my heart - the joy of togetherness in peace and hope.

  • Jo-Neal Graves

    These beautiful people united in voice for peace!

  • Jerry Bruns

    Connection to life, others and the universe. A place of peace and calm.

  • Kevin

    The people, no fighting just joining voices together as one, pure love.

  • Sharon

    I cry with joy! To hear and see the joy of the young and the old, sharing together, feeling no boundaries, especially during this time. Inspirational!

  • Barbara

    The joyful energy that is flowing out of this video is powerful. I still have the goosebumps. I challenge anyone to listen to this and not be singing along and possibly dancing, too, by the end. Great collaboration and a demonstration of the power of music and community.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Seeing the love, interconnection and joy on the beautiful faces while hearing this joy in their voices, tears of hope.

  • Layla

    Oneness and harmony

  • ES

    This gives me the chills, what a beautiful connections with each other.

  • Lisa Davis

    I love the enthusiasm and connection to the whole.

  • Wendy Berk

    Thank you. This is a favorite song. I really needed to hear it today.

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