A film by Copenhagen Phil.

In the quiet of the Copenhagen Metro, the clear, sweet notes of a flute panned across the train. As commuters looked on with smiles, the members of the Copenhagen Phil joined into a rendition of “Morning Mood” from Edvard Grieg's Peer Gynt, Op. 23. As listeners drank in the beauty of the melody, perhaps they were aware that at least for this particular commute, they were bonded with the strangers on the train in their appreciation and joy. They boarded the train as many, but departed in unity as one.


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  • Pete

    The mutual respect demonstrated by passengers as they partook of this unexpected musical delight.

  • Mehmet Suat Göksu

    we loved Copenhagen...

  • Timo

    The looks on people face says it all. This needs to be regular I think :)

  • Pam

    Wonderful how people get out of their own heads and become part of the group!

  • Lorette

    So peaceful, so necessary in these hard times...

  • Rae

    Thank you to the Copenhagen Phil who took their time to spread some joy to the world. Miracles happen in the most unexpected places. God Bless us and the World we live in.

  • Rita

    After yesterday's disaster in Brussels some hopeful news and some beautiful music!!

  • Anne Marie

    Everyone was brought into the now....peaceful & kind.

  • Mina

    The emotion that showed on everyone's faces. Pure peace and joy.

  • Beatriz

    Paz, amor, libertad, igualdad, armonía, tranquilidad, imposible en mi país

  • Anthony

    The expressions on the commuters' faces as they "got into" the mood.

  • DC

    Wow, a moment in time to spread the joy of music. Loved it!

  • Alice

    The utter beauty of the music and the sense of unity of the music with the listeners What joy !

  • Yvonne

    Using their gifts for the joy of it..always creates a response in the human heart.by connection we are all one

  • d-marie

    What inspired you about this video? Joyfulness for the soul... Serendipidity- connected through music

  • Jeffrey Farrar Dean

    This won't ever happen in California

  • Kit

    The tenderness of the musicians, and the smiles of the audience, and of course the beauty of the music.........what serendipity!!

  • Michael

    The joy of it!

  • J.R.

    I'll take the Danish Metro over ours anyday!

  • Ben

    What a wonderful idea! Here is a YT link to the same video. The embedded vimeo player was choppy for me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gww9_S4PNV0

  • Maliha

    Really... Fantastic.. Enjoyed it... Uplifting people is a gift to mankind..

  • Iiris

    The power of music to charm,uplift,unite,make whole and happy.A dreary trip becomes magical and opens the heart.There is joy.

  • Kimberly

    Brought sweet tears and joy! Oh if each morning could be filled with that sense of wonder and surprise. Thank you for sharing

  • Lamia

    It was so nice to see the smiles on people's faces and the tears in their eyes, enjoying the unexpected beautiful music. Also the musicians smiles were great, showing how kindness is a great gift to the world and to the people practicing it!

  • Kevin

    The look of wonderment on the child's face, the joy-filled faces of the commuters ...

  • Pat

    beautiful music........happy faces.........smooth passage of transportation

  • Frances

    We should make music, not war. I always reflect on how many years the musicians had to learn and practise their music in order to perform.

  • vic sri

    music is uniting human all around on pacifying noes. soothing the hearts,

  • shelly

    So many smiles!!

  • Blaire Parker Sr

    Thank You! You made my day! And you DID IT SO WELL!!

  • Dyann Sechi

    Everything! Music bridges all.

  • leonie

    Music is the international language of the heart,anywhere and everywhere

  • Vivian

    Put a big smile on my face how beautiful thank you

  • Cindy

    Makes me glad to be alive.

  • Kathy Kearns

    Made me smile and it is so nice to see people appreciate something beautiful.

  • Nori-Lynn

    the absolute joy of sharing music--that is what we are about as humans--sharing joy and love with each other. nothing is more touching.

  • Diana

    I have played this a million times and I absolutely love it. So does everyone I've sent it to.

  • Ahmad Morad

    Nice . the baby girl was so cute ^__^

  • Mansukh

    Music is next to Godliness...brings a spontaneous smile to your face because it touches the soul...

  • Papa Crow

    Spontaneous smiles. Gifted and lifted. Thank you.

  • Saint Joy

    One can experience JOY anywhere!

  • Marilyn Maloch

    the Love and Beauty of the Music and Wonderful Players and appreciation of it by the Passengers; and the Wonderful surprise of it I wish I wasn't so poor I would love to come and appreciate it in person! That was so great, I love you people for it. It WAS Perfect!

  • M. VanNess

    Beauty emerges in unexpected places. It was uplifting!

  • Liz Martyn

    So beautiful, what joy and delight!

  • M

    This really showcases the ability humans have to work together to bring each other joy!

  • grandma

    I enjoyed the restful and peaceful tranquility of the melody.

  • funkygran

    One of my favourite classics - so joyous. Perhaps if this were to happen more often on trains there would be less aggression in poorer districts.

  • sandra winter

    The joy on the face of the commuters as they were given this unexpected gift! Beautiful

  • Michael

    Tears run down my cheeks at the beauty of it all - children and adults simply experiencing the raw emotion of joy and the generous act of giving. thank you.

  • Aunt Janie

    It made me smile and everyone can use a smile every day, with all the sadness & terrible things happening every day. So beautiful--it really lifted my spirits & tear up with happy emotions, Thank you so much!!!! :-)Aunt Janie

  • thomposn

    beautiful music and the looks of pleasure on faces x

  • mair alight

    the children's faces; people smiling.

  • Joan marlin

    The quality of the music, simply beautiful, what a treat. Food for the soul!

  • S. Grace

    It's beautiful, delightful, and uplifting!!! What a great gift to brighten up the day with a smile on the face and joy in the heart! Thanks for sharing the magic of music!

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    How lovely to share the gift of music in an expected place. To share one's gifts and heart. <3 It makes all the difference!

  • Antoinette Martignoni

    My body shook with sobs of joy, I was so carried away from today's concerns, and felt the communion in that train. Thank you.

  • Ruth

    I had a physical reaction in the region of my heart and tearing up...so beautiful

  • Diana

    People want to smile. They want to like each other. They want to believe that the world is a beautiful place. They want to be happy. And it takes so little to make us realise that we are all connected.

  • Norma

    How the gift of music, especially such a beautiful classical piece, can unify such a diversity of people in joy. What a heart lifting experience.

  • Judi

    That's the kind of gift that will be spread to others, by everyone there. And thank you for sharing it!

  • Andy

    Such a simple yet beautiful way to share our talents and bring a smile to everyone!

  • Heather

    Peoples faces were just transformed, more beautiful, peaceful and joyful. That one woman had tears in her eyes, as did I. And I loved seeing people taking out their headphones to listen.

  • Dan

    Nice to get my AM cry out of the way first thing. Would have loved to have seen the reaction of the passengers but the smiles on their faces said lots!!!

  • Ginny

    What a magical start to their day~ Goodness in the simple task of the daily commute. Thank you for making me smile each day~

  • Susan Benson

    What a great way to start the day on a positive note. It made me smile as I start my day. Thank you.

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  • Learn more about Copenhagen Phil.
  • What is the story behind "Peer Gynt?"
  • Sometimes public commutes can be frustrating. Offering your seat to those in need or even extending a simple smile of greeting can go a long way to making someone's day easier and happier.

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