This short excerpt from the feature documentary film, Flying Paper, is an uplifting story of Palestinian children in Gaza engaged in the age-old tradition of kite making and flying. The driving narrative of the film centers on a remarkable quest, but showcases the determination and artistic expression of the youth that come together to achieve a shared goal. This quest is a beautiful form of creative resistance and resilience in the face of the daily difficulties endured by the children of Gaza.


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  • Saint Joy

    Maybe next time both Palestinian and Israeli children can make and fly kites together--now that would be something!

  • catherine

    the innocence of children is a sacred beauty, a powerful potential to change the world.

  • Mona

    Magical children who have suffered much just being children enjoying the simple please of flying a kite and what an achievement to break the record. Congratulations to all the children all the parents and grandparents. Life goes on amidst the trouble. Thank you for sharing

  • Linda Klein

    Seeing beautiful children and grandparents doing the same things we do. Seeing people who have the same desires and hopes and dreams and unfortunately being denied them all because of power and politics. Standing brave and smiling in spite of the pain they are experiencing.

  • LiSA

    Children are children. Same nneds, same smiles, same hope!

  • patjos

    Not yet watched this clip, but am about to do so. Read your lovely comments. Mary, thanks for your voice. The world hears. I think that more and more every day, we each realise that we are more than our politicians or individual cultures would make us out to be, or have the world believe about us. Does that make sense what I'm trying to say? I think that more and more each day, it is people rather than nations who hear one another, through our hearts rather than our heads. Off to watch the vid now! :-)

  • Deepak

    Thank you .

  • Paashi

    Children's hope and potential for joy even when surrounded by on going violence. Thank for making this documentary and giving a glimpse of young life grasping for future hope.

  • MARY

    Wow! What an inspiration these precious children are! AS an American, I am saddened by our tax money (and certain church's tithe money) being spent to support, equip, and sustain the bombs, bullets and bulldozers intended to destroy the Palestinian people. MANY people and nations throughout the world disagree with the phrase "a land without people for a people without a land" that began the hostilities in the first place. Palestine had many people living there and was a proud and noble nation for generations, it was not a place simply for nomads and desert travelers. Israel must find a better way to co-exist with its neighbors. Many of the younger generation Israelis do not adhere to the combative atmosphere and actually consider their Palestinian neighbors as brothers and sisters. They do not wish to continue the apartheid and bloodshed. Likewise, many Americans do not like our politicians having ulterior motives and supporting such militaristic regimes with our tax dollars. There is a saying "truth is the first casualty in any war" and we can certainly bear witness to that. These beautiful and innocent children are not just "collateral damage" or pawns in a religious war. This film proves they are strong, resilient, proud and determined leaders of tomorrow whose world will be different. Thank you for such an inspiring film! Please let the children and people there know that they have the support, prayers and encouragement of MANY Americans.

  • Cynthia

    Beautiful expression of childhood, which has been denied to so many of these children until this singular uplifting, hopeful event. Thankyou, Flying Paper, for making this possible.

  • Roger Hill

    Hi I'm the Co-Director of Flying Paper. Thanks for sharing our video. If you'd like to see the full feature length documentary please visit us

  • Aimee A

    I loved seeing the children delighted by the simple act of making and flying kites. Sometimes I feel as though we make life so complicated when the reality is that we can still enjoy the same activities as our grandparents.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Here's to creativity and children's spirit and art and flight to bring peace. <3

  • Teresa Durso

    What inspired you about this video? The amazing resilient children and families in the horrific conditions, fears, traumas, grief , loss, destruction, and traumatic violence in a war zone. I enjoy these types of documentary films. Thank you for sharing it. Nsmaste to all beings everywhere.

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  • Learn more about the film and find out ways in which you can screen the full, 52 minute documentary.
  • This film is co-produced by Voices Beyond Walls, a participatory media initiative that supports creative expression and human rights advocacy among impoverished youth.
  • Pass on a family tradition, craft or custom to the young people in your life.

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