"Your blood keeps pumping because, like, you're really mad. And you start to get sweaty because you're getting really, really mad. And then when you start getting really mad, you turn red." Entirely un-scripted, this video was filmed on a Saturday afternoon with students of Citizens of the World Charter School in Mar Vista, California, and their families. These 6-year old kids began learning mindfulness techniques in Kindergarten and can teach us all a thing or two about coping with difficult emotions.


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  • Maria_Clara

    Amazing! Children know how this compassion behaviour improves their quality of life.:)

  • Niki Flow

    "Out of the mouth of babes..." So beautiful. ♥.

  • Mark Hyde

    WOW! This is truly inspiring. Children with this kind of awareness now, leading the way and being our future, we're going to be OK! #JustBreathe #MindfulnessMatters

  • Sheila Edwards

    These children are better prepared for life than most adults

  • Sue Walker

    What inspired you about this video? The video inspired me to listen to myself and better understand what emotions are at the heart of the matter that I am experiencing and use deep breathing. I was so amazed by the children in the video learning to recognize anger or other emotions and proactively initiating deep breathing to focus their mind and behavior. I am so glad this is being taught to children. I believe this should be part of a core curriculum from pre-kindergarten to senior year in high school and on to college. What a powerful source this could be to build peace, a mindful response to anger, and reverence for the moment! Learning to refocus and concentrate your energy and emotion on deep breathing - with the goal to calm emotions, therefore enabling healthy, non violent, peaceful responses to anger. Thank you for this simple yet powerful lesson to build reverence and peace through deep breathing and mindfulness.

  • Somik Raha

    This is such a beautiful video! Amazing to see how articulate the kids are about meditation - I am inspired to think of them as teachers.

  • Cindy

    This is wonderful! Out of the mouths of the babes - Sharing how to deep breathe. This will be something I will be mindful of in all my feelings. I think I will make me a glitter jar to remind me to "Just Breathe in any situation" and to set it where I can see it daily to remember. Thank you for this!

  • kay

    It is impressive that such young children have learned to express their true feelings. We, as adults, could all learn from them.

  • Deno

    Mindfulness and breathing techniques can and should be taught early. Important for life

  • Vesna

    This is so good :))))) Thanks to all kids that play this video and one that initiated and made it! Fantastic! Definitely worth sharing.

  • Daniela

    That's one of the reason why I love kids. They can really change our world. It is realy important to teach kids beyond academic matters.

  • Caroline

    Wow, this brought me to tears. So moving and I am so amazed that these children understand their emotions and how to calm themselves. This is something I will definitely look into for when I work with my young cadets each week.

  • Michael

    Wow! These beautiful children know what the rest of us have forgotten. All the wisdom and energy that we ever need is already inside of us...Thanks Kids.....Michael

  • mavisdias

    The Kids honesty , innocence and thoughts on anger and calming down--Each time I am stressed I just have to recall these pictures and I know i will feel better and calmer. thanks !

  • Pam

    Seems So simple-- calming- just pause and step back from the situation for a moment in order to feel it in a different way--

  • Wendi

    The glitter makes a wonderful visual--perfect for meditation...

  • Veronica

    When everyone slows down, everyone feels safer. Thank you.

  • sara

    Love the sparkles.

  • Badri

    We usually learn this only too late in life. This should be part of everyday learning.

  • Kate

    This video honestly made me tear up. I see my son, Gunner, unable to relate to many children and he is an example of several that are just like him. ♡♡♡

  • Carlos

    A BREATH of fresh air......in our kids is our future, if we can manage to guide them along a path with less stress and anger our future and theirs will be bright.

  • Amy

    For so long I have been working to help my children and myself to learn and really implement effective emotional regulation skills. This video captures this process so beautifully. I am so grateful for its creation and for the lives touched in the making and sharing.

  • toni allen


  • lynda

    Wouldn't it be something to teach the children about their internal energy and how it works. This teaching is so overlooked. What a great gift this can be!

  • Shrini

    Awesome video, great way to teach mindfulness and how to keep calm!



  • Harpreet

    I am so blown away by this video... Out of the mouths of Babes... Thanks you for creating this video... It is a beautiful message to all.

  • Ayo Handy-Kendi

    I loved it because I am a Breathologist who teaches people to breathe deeply for a more effective breath and to relax and de-stress. To hear these children speak on using the breath gives me such hope. The Breath is a tool and these children are using it. Yeah.

  • Will

    Out of the mouths of babes .... Just breath

  • Glenda

    1st,the ability to express what they feel is no small thing. Looks like starting with the children when they are in Kindergarten is a great age to begin learning mindfulness techniques.

  • Renee

    The freshness wisdom and spontaneity of the little people. Sweet....

  • Wendy Miller

    The wisdom of the children is so inspiring. They can take control of themselves, or at least try to, with methods they have learned. I don't remember having thoughts like this as a child. Just Breathe. Perfect.

  • Nishaant

    It does help. Breath in and breath out. This is the great secret given to us by Lord Buddha.

  • Jeffrey F. Dean

    I've done this but it doesn't always work.

  • Ana

    Beautiful.!! So inspiring..

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    we can all learn so much from children; they simply say it like it is. Hug!

  • Melanie

    this is such a great clip! Compulsory viewing for all and love seeing the children in this, imagine the world and all that peace if everyone did this!!!!

  • jennifer

    the beauty and innocence of children and how if we are mindful and caring can impart this on our children and then their children and many generations of children. I am grateful for having this opportunity to read and share this video. Namwayut/Namaste

  • Brian

    Thanks Guys. Peace be upon your mind and heart. I find that saying Ohm out loud helps a lot. It creates a peaceful tone...sets new vibrations of peace upon the mind/body...1peace...

  • Sue

    So appreciated seeing this video as it only affirms my belief that mindfulness training should start young..I hope the movement can start in many of our schools. Being a retired elementary school teacher, I hope I can become a part of the move of mindfulness into our schools...

  • Barbara Valuckas

    I loved the image of the sparkles setting to the bottom of the jar and the wisdom of the kids who could speak about coming to peace from within their bodily experiences.

  • Hillary

    The wisdom of these young souls to show us how to express ourselves authentically and from the heart. The future is bright - and peace-filled with glitter resting at the bottom!

  • Aura

    Always love seeing mindfulness taking place.

  • W. Lee Nichols

    This message is important for the world to see. Adults have difficulty learning the techniques of letting go, breathing and meditating but children learn quickly.The simple technique will serve them a lifetime and will give sanctuary during times of stress and trauma.

  • Rushabh Gandhi

    Beautiful. Such cuteness. Such mindfulness. Thank you to the people who are bringing this beauty to the world. Thank you.

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