A film by Our Better World.

If you were a superhero, what would your powers be? This charming film follows a gorgeous group of six year olds who are about to graduate from their beloved care school. Their innovative teachers devised a project to celebrate this milestone which nurtures their imaginations and harnesses their individual creativity. The process is empowering and grows self-esteem and confidence by proving that with work, your dreams can become reality.


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  • Kristin Pedemonti

    I love how the teachers connected the children to imagination and also to real world super powers. I Loved Elvis, "Im an eagle and I protect people." so sweet! It is so important to release imagination and creativity, we need more of this in education rather than so much testing. This Superhero Me is a great example of working towards a goal, encouraging each other & embracing ones own skills. <3

  • emanuel boyd

    First of all I think that the teachers should be recognized for conceptualizing such an effective learning exercise.I was very impressed of the kids degree of motivation,whitch serve as rapid propulsion in unleaching their individual imagination and creativity.Most importantly their young minds and heart was able to discover heroes among and within themselves, their family and community

  • Brahm Parsh

    Excellent of building up self confidence from very early life. A very educational video for all the preschoolers. Thanks for sharing this nice video.

  • Deepak

    Thank you . A great way for the children to learn to believe in themselves . Appreciate the teachers for a job well done .

  • Harpreet

    So very adorable and inspiring.. The teachers are to be validated for a great job that they did with the kids... :-)

  • Brian

    Thanks Guys. Always grateful for these videos inspiring hope in all of us. We can "Live it up" by seeing the world through the eyes of love and gratitude...Love and healing...1peace

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