Come with me along this winding, wooded path and I will show you a beautiful mystery: tiny gnome and fairy houses along Hollow Tree Lane in Firefly Forest. But how did they get here? No one who walks Tomahawk Creek Trail in Overland Park, Kansas, knows, but the strangers who use the trail have now become a community, eagerly awaiting the next "neighbor" in the park. Some leave tiny house-warming gifts inside the hollows behind the little doors. Others scrupulously mend and restore doors and houses that have been vandalized. All find hope in this wondrous act of kindness.


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  • Susan

    This was beautiful and I will save the link and share it with others. I live in Utah and I'm hoping that the mother and her boys do something like this in Utah and let us know where it is. The family of Allie, The Owl, my heart goes out to you.

  • Gloria

    That there are people who do believe of being thoughtful, compassion of other's, and to have the imagination of fairy tales, and can bring joy to a family who needs this touch with the lost of a child. It's a shame to have it removed, when so many enjoyed, and looked forward to anything that might be new and added to the Forrest.

  • Cay

    The beauty of the people involved.

  • Sigrid

    How wonderful.wished we could find more of gnomes.loved it

  • BethWood

    I have been sitting here for two hours looking for "Fairy Doors" for my back garden as I am creating Exactly what I have just seen in this video for my two grandchildren Theo and Bella .they are 18mths and 12 mths respectively and I know it will take me some time to search for and find the items I want ,this story has given me some fantastic ideas but more than that it has allowed me to share in "The Magic" I know exists all over the world particularly here in deepest Cornwall England.The video has touched me deeply ,I connect with the producers of the Forest and share their passion and its effects on humans very much.I firmly believe they are meant to keep moving to spread this magic everywhere they go,they may not know it but this is their path ,look how it has brought us all together !The Little Folk are working their Magic as we speak .WITH ALL THE TURMOIL ON THE PLANET RIGHT NOW we are being guided to return to the earth in Peace and to express caring, for others as well as ourselves.Maybe the locals will carry on ??

  • camille

    We too often fail to stop and smell the roses and catch the wind. We need to teach this to or children.

  • Trudy Jackson

    While this is beautiful and touching, it is also so sad. The healing of the sadness is the goal. I hope those boys finally got to stay in one home and were able to grow some roots and that their hearts were healed. What a kind mother, teaching her children how to give from their hearts to others.

  • joanie beaton


  • Deepak

    This is so moving , it touched me to the core of my being . Blessed are the creators for they heal so many souls in this violent world .

  • Kathy Stowell

    This brought tears to my eyes...the compassion, creativity, and thoughtful mystery. We all need magic in out matter what age we are. I am all for this. Wish I could be there to assist and contribute! Thank you!

  • Johanna

    This touched my heart deeply and I agree with the people below that Park Services could have been reined in bu the community. However the way it ended and the notes which would preserve this beuaitulf gesture will last longer in their hearts than if the houses just sat unattended and wasted away. Now the memory is fresh. This woman is SO amazingly creative and could get grants to do this elsewhere and do very well for her family and herself with her art and creativity. I hope she keeps this up. She is quite a gift to all of us-to the world. We need someone that adhere's to the requests and whispers of the Fairies and clearly she is that bridge between us and them :)

  • bright starr

    this is so beautiful, I have always snce a child believed in gnomes & fairies & am blown away by memories of chasing fireflies, this gives people such happiness & affects them each on different ways. god bless this family for this. share yourself & kindness and she says.. this video make me smile brightly this morning !

  • Thilaga

    An amazing selfless act in her own midst of heartache.Simply Awesome. Teaches us not to dwell on whats wrong with our lifes but progress positively though its not easily said! May God grant all of us such strength :-)

  • Sandy Eichler

    I believe in fairies and gnomes and love and kindness and peace to ease our grief.

  • fairy

    The park services are servants of the people in the community. How did the community allow this wonderful village in the forest to be dismantled? Your taxes pay their salaries and they should abide by the wishes of the community they serve. My heart goes out to the families.

  • Barbara

    An absolutely awesome, heart-warming story about the kindness, generosity and creativity of people whose focus is 'others.'

  • Jan

    Everyone in this video is beautiful. And how extraordinary the way their lives intertwine.

  • shelly

    I, too, am speechless---this heartwarming story is moving on so many levels---god bless the amazing family who created so much that is good from their own private struggles. Here's to Firefly Forest where it resides now in our hearts.

  • Marcia

    It is the story of HOPE--and everlasting cry of one's heart.

  • John Potts

    The compassion, love, kindness which was created in such an original way. Such a shame the forest display could not continue on and on and on...

  • Clarke

    Everything! SHAME on the petty city officials for cheating others from the magic created by this wonderful family

  • Dolores

    I am at a loss for words...this touched my heart very deeply. Incredibly beautiful.

  • Jane

    Everything--kindness, magic, delight, love, grief, solace, community, beauty of nature, beauty of people's hearts.

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