Want to do something good for your brain? Listen to some music! Or better yet, play ​an instrument. Research has shown that while listening to music engages multiple areas of the brain​, actually playing an instrument is like a full-body brain workout. Watch this concise video to learn about the potent, beneficial effects â€‹that ​playing music has on the brain—and the ways in which these benefits​ can translate into real-life skills.​


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  • ​For more on the benefits that music offers, read this article on 5 Ways Music Can Make You Healthier.
  • Watch this performance of “Amazing Grace” by gospel singer Wintley Phipps and prepare to be awed not only by Phipps, but also by the history of this popular song and its power to unite. 
  • Healing and transformation can be present in so many ways. Note what makes you feel whole, no matter how small, and give space to this in your life and encourage others to do so as well.

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