Nolusindiso “Titie” Plaatjie of Port Elizabeth, South Africa, has a passion for the game of soccer. For her, it allows one to overcome all obstacles, including poverty. “Poverty cannot conquer you for the rest of your life. You can conquer poverty as well.” She remarks on how she feels rich because she describes herself as being rich inside. Everyone knows about soccer, so it makes for an easy avenue to relate to people. Plaatjie uses soccer to educate others in her community about HIV/AIDS. She believes soccer serves to help keep people from engaging in other, more reckless behaviors that have the potential to destroy their lives. “It makes more sense to be able to help others because we cannot live in isolation”. Plaatjie speaks to the power of unity and says that “if people could unite, then, I’m telling you, I don’t see anything stopping the world from being a better place”. She sees the power to unite people in soccer. Her love for the game conquers all the negativity in her life, and she hopes that it can do the same for the world.


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  • Visit and learn about the organization that Nolusindiso Plaatjie works for as Port Elizabeth Project Coordinator.  
  • Watch "Playing for Change," a similar video on KarmaTube.
  • Think of a way you can reach out to those in your local community through something you love. 

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