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India's largest skateboarding park isn't in a big city, it's in a small village in Madhya Pradesh. A sport which has long been identified with urban neighbourhoods across the world, is being used in a village in central India as a trigger for social change. Ulrike Reinhard, a German national, established a skate park in Janwar, Madhya Pradesh in a region notorious for being one of the most socially and economically backward areas of the country. Untouchability, gender inequality, illiteracy, and alcoholism are rampant here. Through the voices of Reinhart and the children of the village, the film documents how the skate park is gradually changing the social fabric of the village and addressing some of its most deep rooted issues.


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  • akanksha

    this is just really amazing :-)

  • TrailRunner

    Remarkable and beautiful. "Girls First and No School-No Skate" are powerful agents for change. I needed this positive hit to start my day. Thank you for showing me potential where it otherwise would be hard to see.

  • Gea Souge

    Who could have thought a skate park could bring that kind of joy to a community. Amazing and genius. Thank you.

  • Suresh Vatwani

    Very innovative idea to transform the backward society. Hats of to you.

  • Deborah

    To see the children interacting and going past their fears and the cultural norms - their confidence and wisdom guiding their elders...... New Children of The Earth brining in the shift, walking through the changes, illuminating the Love........ A True gift for the Heart of All

  • Akshada

    Transformation happens through the little things in life and it's those little things that make an impact ....It transcends inequalities. .kudos to u Ulrike. .

  • Ulrike Reinhard

    Thank you all for your lovely comments – this keeps us going :-)

  • Sushama Lohia

    Your nobility In Little Barefeet and blessings in great tides, Ulrike.

  • Craige

    It's simplicity and positive effect on so many social and academic levels. The developing world could seriously benefit from skateboard diplomacy.

  • julie

    So brilliant!

  • Laura

    This is a wonderful snippet of this village's agreement with the the structure of Girls First and no School, no skating--simple, yet powerful! To see the self esteem of the children and young lady skating through 'what feels like clouds' and the purpose and happiness of these kids were absolutely beautiful!

  • Tracey

    I was inspired to learn that a German woman would invest her heart, soul, mind, time and financial resources into this unknown community. I'm inspired to know that there are people who are making big differences quietly. I love seeing the smiles on the faces of these kids, that girls go first, and that the kids are going to school. I also love that the dads are drinking less.

  • Margaret

    Love!!! At so many different levels--beautifully intertwined with fun and the innocence of childhood!

  • Mansukh

    A very short but such a powerful video. Ulrike Reinhard has most definitely brought a smile to the faces of so many children. She must feel so rewarded. I would love to be able to do something too, to make even a small difference to the lives of these children. Can I at at least contribute some money so it may help in some way , Ulrike ?

  • Victoria Schmidt

    What an innovative idea. And to provide the kids with something they could all participate in. The gender equality efforts were very simple, clever and they worked! It was a great way to dismantle any thoughts of bullying the girls.

  • Zinat Fazal

    This is a great initiative! So good to see kids being kids! Love in action!

  • Jyoti

    Wonderful impact! Just treat kids with dignity and have fun and the results are fantabulous. Thanks for caring so deeply.

  • Deepak

    Beautiful . Thank you .

  • Brian

    Thanks Team. "Bringing positive energy!" Where there is love there is life...peace on Earth.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Awesome how skating brings people together! Skateistan in Afghanistan is another great example!!!

  • Timo

    As an OT (in training) this inspires my even more that I am in the right field. Such initiative and a wonderful result. It only takes a simple move to create the seed growing, brilliant just love it. GREAT WORK !!!

  • richard

    Really pretty astonishing how something so apparently simple, although requiring a lot of work, could have such a broadly transformative effect. Great to see this!

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  • Learn more about the work Ulrike Reinhart is doing at Janwar Castle.
  • Skateistan is another organization that uses skateboarding to educate and empower youth around the world.
  • Support programs in your area that engage and empower youth.

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