An intimate tribute to the joy of dancing, this short film by Sumit Roy was shot entirely on a Nokia cell phone--and selected from over 2000 submissions for showcasing on Pangea Day, a day-long global event aimed at bringing the world together through film. Prepare to be delighted.


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  • colleen

    We should all have such desire!!!

  • Y Chang

    Such a moving and inspiring movie.The end is really surprising.How you concieved this idea? It is really a work of art.Thank you for making us happy.

  • James

    Keeps you guessing till the end and then such a surprising end. You deserved all the praise that is there. It is a real inspiring piece of gem. Congratulation

  • Judy M

    you really know your dancing steps.great movie.i salute you for the pure entertainment with a message.

  • sego

    I cant stop crying, wow!!! U really know your dancing moves.

  • Rosemary

    Inspiring,Thoughtful, Innovative,Powerhouse,Great work of art.deserve to be awarded.Congratulation.

  • sandamoreano

    How did you learn to dance like that! Wonderful!

  • Julienne

    Bravo!You truly have a talent that can inspire many. Thanks for sharing it with us. All the best!

  • Mohandas Bhandari

    Thank u whoever u are.It is most inspiring. God Bless u and Godspeed.

  • Veronica


  • Maria S.

    Beautiful and moving.

  • isa tb

    really breathtaking....filled with life and positivism.

  • elizabethanne

    Since watching this beautifully inspiring video I have been remembering to dance a dance of gratitude as I clean my home. Thank you, wherever you are, Dancing Queen! You are truly amazing. You are the change :)

  • elizabethanne

    I've never witnessed more beautiful dancing.

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