Armed with nothing more than a tiny camera and a microphone, childhood friends Nathanaël Coste and Marc de la Menardiere, the duo behind this film, are on a mission to uncover the causes of our current global crisis and discover a way to bring about change. Full of incredible testimonials from activists, philosophers, biologists and indigenous spiritual leaders, the film asks us to consider our rapport with nature and encourages us to regain confidence in our ability to bring about change within ourselves in order to create change within our society.


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  • Tejas Doshi

    Beautifully made film. How can one avoid being a part of this insane matrix? cuz' all your efforts never feel enough!!

  • Bhavya Mittal

    Such an enriching film!

  • Deidre

    The answer seems so simple yet very difficult, Have been saying this for years but not doing??? made me feel guilty.

  • bonnie

    what bummed me out is that i couldn't register for the free movie. the site didn't work properly.

  • Leslie Gernon

    The original link didn't work, but the alternative link provided by ADMIN did. A beautifully composed adventure. Of note, for me, was the spiritual-religious separation. Spirituality being about freedom and connection to the rest of the universe; oneness. Religion morphing into institutionalization, then politics, then fundamentalism; divisiveness. Also, nature being about intuition, whereas industrialization being about reason. It makes me wonder whether our current push for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) that's not being widely embraced isn't really a blessing in disguise. And, thanks for the visual of all of the cubicles of our lives!

  • Admin

    For those having trouble accessing the film, the filmmakers have given us another way to view the full film directly until 29 January at the Films for Action site:

  • Sherrie

    This film put into words the feeling that many of us have. I know the old corporate, mankind as consumer way has got to fade to be replaced by the ideas of community. I pray we, the earth and I, make it.

  • Ted Jec.

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  • Jerri

    Where is the film????? I wanna see it to comment on it please!💕✨🌹

  • Patricia

    how can I watch whole movie as announced? This taste was enough to get me interested. Inspiring

  • Susan

    So inviting, and important. Thank you.

  • Patricia

    The whole purpose of it. I would love to see the whole film

  • becky

    Hi. I just accessed this film by entering my email address and country name. Another short video opened, from director. I closed that window and the full film was on the main page, without having to enter credit card info.

  • Elsa Lopez

    One need to submit credit card information to view it free. Will never give out my credit card info. Will not be tricked into it. Shame on you for promoting this.

  • Carole Bennett

    How proactive two longtime friends sought out different philosophies from around the world. With the curiosity and forethought of how to make a difference in people lives.

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  • Visit the Quest for Meaning website to organize a community screening, watch some insightful interviews and find out about their organization, Karmea Meah.
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