Satish Kumar commemorates the 50th Anniversary of his Peace Walk from India to Washington D.C. with a 50 mile walk along the River Thames. Watch this short video narrated by Kumar, in which he enumerates all the things you can learn by walking, as well as ways in which you can learn to make peace with people and with the earth. So, let us "accept life as it is, in its abundant form and celebrate it."


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    This is a marvellous moment of reconnection Peace to you I interpreted for you whilst walking through France Belgium and Holland I will never forget Jeanne

  • Susan Nodurft

    Embodiment of perennial wisdom in human form - wholeness, simplicity, joy and gratitude - one step at a time.

  • Happiness Walker USA

    The act of walking with a peaceful mind is what I know to do in order to shed light on the beautiful abundance of this loving planet and all the BEings who inhabit here. With gratitude for your walk and your great spirit!

  • Samantha Lee

    I walk every day. I love to walk. I try to use it as a moving meditation while remaining aware of the beauty of my surroundings. This wonderful man has reminded me what a privilege and a pleasure it is to do so. I will try to be more mindful in the future and thank him for sharing his wisdom with me..

  • Marian Call

    It reminded me to thank the earth whenever I am walking for all that she provides. And it's not the destination that is important, but the journey itself. So inspiring! We're all in this together. Thank you.

  • transcending

    What inspired me about this video was the fusion of the beauty of Earth imagery (kudos to the videographers) with the beauty of this man's ethics in creating an action for peace that touched many people, and is still touching us now fifty years later. This interview expresses some of the poignancy of these interactions along his remarkable journey: Thank you, Satish, for trusting this world and helping to encourage it and us to be more peaceful.

  • Joao Viana is amazing !!! when I see such a video I confirm I am not totally crazy by doing what I You are very much welcomed to discover my contribution to a better world. Thank you for sharing!

  • Lawrence Clark

    Everything within the video was beautiful, especially Satish Kumar! Thank you!

  • Maha

    Peace is what we all need a piece of.

  • Rob

    An incredibly powerful & uplifting message. Oh to eradicate division & embrace diversity. Thank you to whoever shared this clip, and to Satish Kumar for recounting the joy & wisdom of walking, of gratitude, of forgiveness.

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  • In this 1987 Context Institute interview, Satish Kumar speaks about the influences of his early upbringing, his years working with Vinoba Bhave, and shares stories from his walk for peace from India to the U.S.
  • Satish Kumar has been the editor of Resurgence Magazine since 1973. Take a look at some of the positive, informed and original perspectives on ethical living.
  • Satish Kumar advocates making peace with soil (nature), soul (yourself) and society (others). Start with some concrete things you can do to help the planet.

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