Have ever asked yourself, why am I moved to tears or laughter at the sight of a soaring bird? Have you ever felt deeply drawn to a tree, a river, an ocean or a mountain? Settle in and watch this video. Come home to who you are in this wide wonderful world. Learn how even your smallest daily choices can be deeply meaningful and fulfilling once you understand the your deep connections to the vastness of the universe.


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  • Patrick Perching Eagle

    As soon as we give it a name, it loses much of its power in mystery. }:- proverb on the hoof #deepecology We may dance around it, even touch it at times, but unless we are willing to completely surrender to it, we cannot know it. }:- ❤️ anonemoose monk

  • sadhana

    I love nature too much.I feel good to see someone feeling oneness with God in the form of nature.

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  • Learn more about the man who created the term "deep ecology," Arne Naess.
  • Dive into just what deep ecology is all about.
  • Go outside today and sit quietly in the presence of the natural world; a tree, a garden, a birdbath, a patch of sunlight. Close your eyes and sense the life force connecting you to everything around you.

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