The peace warriors who made Standing Rock a place known around the world lived an experience hard to imagine, much less open our eyes to see and our hearts to feel. Warriors for peace who return hate with love. Once your eyes are opened, the path to your heart is open. And once your heart is open, anything is possible.


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  • Kevin

    Powerful. I too have never understood the need to be violent and intimidating to make the peace. Maybe it's fear, maybe it's weakness. We need to be stronger than the fear.

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  • Indigenous Media Fund has made the entire film available for free as an act of love and support for indigenous communities hard hit by the novel corona virus pandemic.
  • Watch this TED talk by Tara Houska  and learn more about the indigenous people's fight against the Dakota pipeline.
  • What is your spirit demanding you open your eyes and see in the world around you? Respond in the way of a peace warrior.

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