Brother David Steindl-Rast is a Benedictine monk, author and spiritual leader with a message to humanity: that we should live our lives with ongoing awareness of the constant miracle in which we all live. The previous incarnation of this video, "A Good Day", was recorded ten years ago and has been watched well over a million times. Look, listen, and be inspired by this timeless message, now updated with high-resolution video footage.


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  • Claire Willis

    in the face of the vast suffering in the world right now, this message is especially important to remember that we can make a difference however small.

  • Eileen Bloomer

    On a morning when I was feeling anxious and overwhelmed these words gave me a whole new perspective, a reminder of what is real. Thank you.

  • Padma Hansma

    Brother David's wonderful familiar voice. How strongly his heart speaks, thru his words, to my heart.

  • Alexi Bracey

    We take so much for granted, hurrying day in and day out. The more grateful you are the more your life is supported. A favourite quote by Deepak: "Today and every day, give that, which you want to receive" It could be a smile, a flower, holding the door open, a compliment, a hug"

  • Adam Bryant

    Life and my experience

  • David Piercy

    What inspired you about this video? Thank you ,it was wonderful.

  • Nishank C

    This is very inspiring and a good sound to meditate to!

  • Peggy Papadatos

    Thank you for the inspiration !!!🙌🏻

  • Lisa

    I NEED to be more grateful! I have been getting so overwhelmed with right versus wrong decision-making and have overlooked the simple amazing miracles of everyday. Thank you for opening my eyes!

  • Meg

    I am grateful for being able to be in relatively good health and to be able to look up and enjoy the sky. I do look at the sky every day! Every day is a gift, even though life can be hard and dark so much of the time. If we can see past that, we will truly know what a gift it is to be alive.

  • Nancy Di Giorgio

    THANK YOU SO. I listen to the calm of your presence often. I am in the world challenged daily to BE Peace, the change I want to see in the world. Ideals expand and thus I am MORE Peace each day.This is unconditional love. From this space I enjoy life and my taste for it grows. This is the DAILY great work of grace. When I slip I know my reality is showing me my inner child is holding a belief that is causing me pain. I do Ton Glen and breath out the change and forgive, bless and thank all for all. We are all mirrors.

  • Julie

    Thank you Brother David for the gift of your heart and this beautiful video! It is so easy to overlook the beauty all around us. Thank you.

  • Angela

    I am so grateful to be able to pray for my children in their journey of life. Also being able to pray for my enemies so they would one be able to open their hearts to really enjoy life. Love no matter what!

  • Selieta

    I am so grateful everyday for this incredible life we are given but to have the words spoken to me and the specific suggestions and images is a very helpful and heartfelt gift. Thank you.

  • Murielle

    All of it - I have been listening to this video for 3 to 4 years now. I was living in a dark place for many, many years and suffering. Nearly seven years ago coming this February I had a spiritual experience and each day I truly am grateful for each and new day. Such an amazing gift I have been given. Today, I have an attitude of gratitude!

  • Barbara

    The simplicity and heart felt message!

  • julio salazar

    windeful video ! "inspired me have awareness of the beauty of the world.

  • Betty

    I love how Brother David shares about this day being the most important thing right know .

  • Carol

    What a beautiful reminder of the blessings we take for granted each day. The beauty and wonder of nature and our daily lives is a precious gift. Thank you Brother David for bringing me to the realization of this daily gift God has given me !!

  • patty

    Thank You Jesus for your incredible love for us by creating such a beautiful world for us to live in. Help us to be kind to one another and help us to live in a grateful presence each day!! xo

  • Jean

    This video reminds me of just how precious my life is. How lucky I am to be able to experience it as I do. It also reminds me that I will die, and that, for me, is a scary and sad thing. I am 63 years old now, and I wish I could have done better in my life. I wish I could have viewed the meaning of life much deeper than I have during my lifetime. I am just beginning to realize that my existence is limited here on this earth, and I am afraid to die.

  • Marina Caroulias

    It always bring tears in my eyes, it is the most meaningful message I ever heard on video. It is SO TRUE, since I heard it the first time, I am trying to apply it as often as I can during the day and it helps me, for sure, to go through the difficult time I am going through lately. Thank you so much Brother David !

  • Daniel LaFleur

    Take time in your life to relax and enjoy the gifts God has given you

  • Helen Gennare

    Thank you. I am grateful for the sense of peace that comes through in the message and in the beauty of Nature set before us.

  • Illy

    The reality and simplicity of it

  • Fred Schuurmans

    The simplicity with which br. David shows how nice it has inspired me very emotional.

  • Anne

    Thank You

  • Francine

    Hi Brother David, Wonderful to hear that you are at Mt. Savior. Your YouTube reminded me of how grateful I am to have made a retreat at the Monastery many years ago. I hope I have the opportunity to make a similar retreat sometime in the future. God Bless! Francine

  • Lori

    I almost cried when I heard this just now....I have heard it one time before....The way Brother David puts our human experience on Earth makes me realize what a miracle EVERY moment is...

  • Jim

    There is so much we miss everyday because of our pursuit of material things and our insationable need for dominance. It's a shame that we have sunk so low as a spieces that we no longer stop and smell the roses.

  • Kathy

    This was so peaceful I loved the eyes of the people thank you

  • M

    Thxxxs 4 the remainder....the blessing around r truly pricelessss...namaste

  • Bill

    With the present captivating us at every can we be fair to today, if we search for tomorrow.....

  • JJ

    Attitude of gratitude is best way to live! Regardless of past troubles or current worries, letting go enjoying this moment, right now, as the special gift that is is. With each breath, thank you, every sip of living giving drinking with gratitude is an active meditation practice, changing the vibrations inside and out... try it you're like it.

  • Julia

    a reminder for me to focus on all I do have and not on a perceived lack. Take my time and savour the time I have allotted to me, practise Wholehearted living.

  • Pam Gardner

    Each day is a gift - Look and see the beauty each moment beholds - Be present

  • sethi

    Being thankful for what the Universe provides . Thank you for sharing .

  • Love

    Beautiful! Let's stop focusing on what's wrong and focus on gratitude,kindness and love.

  • Irene

    What in inspred me were the photos of nature and people and how beautiful nature and people are. The words spoken were words I needed to hear today. I forgot how grateful I should be and hope to be more aware of "Gratefulness" as I greet the New Year 2012!

  • Clive Belsham

    Inspiring, thought provoking, in our materialistic world.

  • Vicki

    This was rich! I was deeply touched by it and was able to enter into a meditation on gratitude for everything in my life. Br. David's poetry and writing have been a companion with me in my spiritual journey.

  • Ana

    I love Brother David he has so much Ligh and Love in him that is truly amazing. I receive his posts every day from the gratefulness site. Thank you for spreading loving kindness.

  • Rev. Bhagavan Metro

    Thanks you so much, Brother David and all, for this beautiful video.I pray that we all remember to be grateful every moment of our lives.

  • Nadine Lucki

    Thank you for the reminder to take the time to "be still," to yield to a greater power,to look and to listen for the answering mystery and vision that will emerge from all that appears. I believe that nothing will bring us closer to the deepest longings of our heart than openness and receptivity. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Bess Hadley

    Thank you so much! What a blessing this video was. A great reminder of everyday spirituality and the abundance of God's love. My speicific gratitude at this time is that, now that I am nearing the age of 62, and being unemployed fo rnine months, I am probably gong to be taking early retirement. My first plan for that retirement - attending a vocational school teaching an arts craft that can help support me as I grow older. I love the arts and have wanted to learn a practical use of them - and now will finally have the chance, thanks to a small retirement fund from one of many jobs in my life. That fund is too small to live on - but the vocaation it will provide me with enough extra funding to keep a roof over my head, and even better, keep my creative gifts flowing and growing.

  • Virginia Dandan

    Thank you very much for this beautiful message of gratefulness. It comes to me from a friend and I experience this on the eve of Easter Sunday. It's truly a miracle that this unexpected blessing should come to me right at this moment. May all who helped bring this to me be blessed a thousandfold in return. Love and light be yours always.

  • Georgeanna

    a respite and reminder in a hectic world. thank you.

  • Char

    Thank you for waking me up! I'm especially glad to have a new way to see the people all around me... and their/our ancestors. How amazing! Namaste

  • peter di piazza


  • Gina Whitaker

    I am speeding faster than a skyrocket through each day with election fervor...I'm with Rich Kranzdorf...these 5.32 minutes slowed me down and let me breathe...and even a tear or two fell. Thank you Brother S-R.and Bob for contimuing to send these marvelous videos!

  • Miriam ganley

    Bless my friend Sue for sending me this video and her friendship, for Brother David and his wonderful work, for my daughters, family and life on this planet.

  • Christy G

    I am grateful to Terry for having taken the time to send me this beautiful video. It will be played again and again.

  • Fran Soule

    I have been captured by Bro. David ever since I read his "Gratefulness, The Heart of Prayer" -- and I love the website, -- esp. the candles segment. I try to live this video's message every day; the beauty of this world is one of our Creator's greatest gifts.

  • Richard Kranzdorf

    For at least the 5:32 of the video, I slowed down and was in the moment. So good.

  • Mugsy

    What a beautiful inspiring video. I thank Spirit every day of my life for the magnificent blessings bestowed upon me. Thank you for such a magnificent video.

  • Gina Ventura

    El video es maravilloso, me encantaría pusieran subtitulos en español para que todos mis amigos lo puedan entender. Muchas gracias

  • Janice Devine-Patterson

    Beautiful...Simple...So Powerful...So True..the miracles..and magic of the Wow of Now.....thank you Brother David... So...Much... With, Grace, Gratitude,Love and Light...Janice

  • Nancy Bailey

    Halleluyah!!!! Thank you. This is an incredible reminder of how blessed we truly are every moment, every day. Thanks to my brother who sent this to me. I will pass it on.

  • Lori Brown

    I had to send this on to all my friends because this is how I feel every morning when I wake up. I just appreciate someone being able to put it into words and pictures.

  • sara earthdove-tinker

    Migwich (thank you.) This beautiful message slowed me, allowing me to be in the moment...with gratitude and wonder! Blessings Brother David and All Our Relations!

  • Rev. Kellyann

    That was exquisite. Thank you so much. My prayer for today is that I give a blessing from my eyes and smile for each percious being that I encounter in this beautiful world.

  • Rick Brooks

    Brother David's gratefulness for this good day expands upon the most wonderful thoughts that have come to us as we organize the OnePeace celebration in Ypsilanti (Detroit area) for the September 21 United Nations International Day of Peace. Knowing that we may reach only a few thousand people at the meditation and dialogue with Gandhi Peace Prize winner Dr. A.T. Ariyaratne (you can see him on KarmaTube), Michael Bernard Beckwith and Rickie Byars Beckwith of Agape International Spiritual Center, we seek advice on how to connect millions of people one-to-one--personally, through email, text messages, phone calls and other means--to wish them a moment of peace on that day, like every good day. A moment of peace that we can be, that we can make, that we can be grateful for. Imagine that! Seems to me that if Move On can mobilize millions to influence politics, we--all of us with whom we connect--could share just one moment of peace, and give that to others. Would you? If you look you can get an idea of what's afoot. Please feel free to write so that we can go beyond one moment and one day. I am so grateful to Charity Focus for this inspiration.

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