Doctors had given Anita Moorjani just hours to live when she arrived at the hospital on the morning of February 2nd, 2006. Unable to move as a result of the cancer that had ravaged her body for almost four years, Anita went into a coma where she experienced great clarity about her life and purpose here on earth. She was given a choice of whether to return to life or not, and chose to return when she realized that "heaven" is a state and not a place. This resulted in a remarkable and complete recovery of her health within five weeks. Anita's riveting talk will inspire you to transform your life by living more authentically, discovering your greatest passions, transcending your deepest fears, and living from a place of pure joy.


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  • Devorah

    It’s oct 2021 and anita’s cosmic messages are timeless. Giving thanks to Buddah at the Gas Pump creator Rick Archer.

  • katie

    My deeply held belief that we are all expressions of one consciousness, and will return to that consciousness after death, was confirmed by Moorjani's experience. This has reminded me, therefore, to be patient, kind, empathetic, and loving to those around me.

  • karen

    Sometimes we need to shine the light inward, for the light to rebound outward. What a blessing and gift you are. Thanks you for connecting us together...

  • Lisa

    Thank you Anita. Thank you for returning to share your wider, brighter awareness. Here's what you said that was so inspiring. 1. Focus on Love-Loving Myself-Value ourselves, we teach people how to treat us, no bullying or controlling. 2. Live life fearlessly 3. Humor, laughter and joy. 4. Life is a gift. Challenges are a gift. 5. Always be as me as I can. Embrace my uniqueness. GREAT GRATITUDE FOR ANITA and KarmaTube and I will follow her instructions. Thank you.

  • Julie

    what a fantastic story of both strength and courage...very inspiring

  • Donna Kuck

    I read Anita Moorjani's book some years ago and it inspired me to challenge a lot of my assumptions about health and disease. In the world of Mind-Body Medicine - one looks at the outer world (body) as a reflection of the inner world. The inner world is composed of your beliefs and emotions. Most of our beliefs were handed to us by other people at a very young age - so young that we were not able to evaluate them for truth. What is so empowering about her message is that we don't have to be victims . . . if we so choose. If we are in the midst of a life-challenging health crisis, we have another tool. I loved her comment about spending the billions of dollars on health. That would be world-changing.

  • Cat Wilson

    Joy is the answer. (HUG)

  • Sandip sheta

    God is near you.... Example

  • Fran

    God is great!

  • Hansa

    Someone who has directly experienced the other side and given all of us a precious glimpse if we are courageous enough to open to her message. I, too, have read Anita's book and never forgot her extraordinary message for all of us scrambling through our days. Thank you Anita. You are a true messenger of wisdom and truth in the chaos of daily living. Lest we forget

  • Art

    The. Lesson about loving ourself and humor laughter and joy.

  • Judy McLeroy

    Sharing her experience is just what I needed. These past two years I did get "sucked into the drama, of my dearest Friend, tremendous suffering, before her passing. I feel encouraged to keep loving who I truly am, by Anita's message. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Rebecca

    I love Anita Moorjani and her book Dying to Be Me. An inspiration for our planet and our times. Thank you for this video. Love to you.

  • sage

    She didn't get "sucked into the drama." We can do that in the here and now. It's life changing when you understand you don't need to get sucked in. Just because you have strong emotions about something, it doesn't need to define the moment.

  • Matthew Villarreal

    One thing Anita mentioned was knowing who you are. I wonder what practices can help with that.

  • Desert Sunrise

    What inspired you about this video? Nothing. I was very disappointed that the speaker blamed cancer patients for their illness. I am so glad I didn't forward my email from the Daily Good to any of my friends who are suffering from cancer or who have had family and/or friends who have died from cancer.

  • Seiichi

    The best and most touching talk I've ever heard!

  • Aimee

    Such a simple yet powerful message coming from someone who knows. Her passion inspires me. Thank you.

  • charles martin

    Worthwhile--- albeit well worn--- life principles. Perhaps ironically tarnished a bit by her miraculous health outcome.

  • anonemoose monk . . . somehow related?

  • anonemoose monk

    "There is much more good going on than we can see, and in it, in Divine LOVE (God), we are far richer than we know." For me personally, this story (and life) represents both the Gospel of Jesus of Nazareth and the ongoing work of the Cosmic Christ of God. }:-) ❤️ anonemoose monk

  • Katy

    Anita grabbed my attention from the get go! She is very well spoken, honest, simple, and there's every indication she "walks the talk". Thank you for your courage and willingness to share your story Anita.

  • Amy Baltzell

    What a beautiful talk! Anita has the right answers that are easy to understand. So very important. Truly the core to living a meaningful, joyful life. Anita, thank you for sharing your insights. You are a beacon of hope and light along the path ahead. with love and appreciation.

  • Barbara

    The very positivity of it. The Truth we all need reminding to hear over and overthat we are the light and the love.

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  • Take a break from work today and do something you find fun and joyful!

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