A film by Katie Teague. More at Sacred Life Films.

This short video is a call to face the unpleasant truth of climate change and global warming. It is a story of hope and a story of loss, the narrator explains, adding that "we don't create this story by telling it. We create it by living it. So to live a story that combines hope and doom is to walk courageously into the pain of loss, knowing that there's something worth doing afterward." He invites us to find that 'something' we love enough to walk toward even without knowing the outcome, whether saving the planet because nature is worth saving, or preparing a decent future for our children and their children.


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  • J Furstoss

    Thank you for good intentions - but where is courage to name the scientific and factually proven CENTRAL CAUSE OF BIOSPHERE IMPLOSION - which is CLIMATE ENGINEERING/ GEOENGINEERING. We have already passed the point of no return. Real Courage MUST understands Climate Engineering/Geoengineering to have any hope of problem solving what future is left. Please tell the truth. Please learn about Geoengineering.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    I resonate with the idea of living the story rather than telling it. To me this = living by example. Seeing the destruction and also seeing the possibility for re-growth.

  • Leslie Gernon

    If we care deeply about something, whether it's nature or people or animals, then it's a two-edged sword ... there's deep pain (trauma) as well as deep love (hope). Only if we/I didn't care at all would we/I be spared this seesaw of emotions. The children's book "That's Good! That's Bad!" by Margery Cuyler is a good example of the good/bad seesaw, and not really knowing the outcome of what seems to be good or what seems to be bad (based on judgment).

  • Kate

    The idea and action of allegiance to what one loves and living that

  • Harish

    I am missing something that the previous commentators felt. I feel the story of global warming and it's effects is playing out right now. We are living and experiencing it. If it is worth saving nature then it is worth saving it today. Could I tell a cancer patient not worry but to suffer through the pain as I am doing research on cancer cure and will definetly cure the patient in the next bed who is a few years behind you in succumbing to cancer. I believe it is best to be a role model of a nature lover and saver today to prolong, if not prevent its "death". I want to enjoy nature and be proud of participating in its revival. Happy New Year to Mother Earth.

  • Desdra Dawning

    What inspired you about this video? His words rang so true to my heart. He articluated something I have felt was missing in all the fighting against climate change. It empowers each of us to move with our truths and not get lost in depression. This is not an us-and-them battle! That stance will doom us because it holds us in the old story. Wonderful video. I am passing it on!

  • Dean Walker

    Profound words and simple, gorgeous visuals... doesn't get any better than this. Especially for this issue. Thank you for this work.

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