"Home is in the intellectual capacity to be happy." With these probing words Martin, whose home for more than 14 years has been on the streets of Dublin, defies the notion that happiness requires financial stability. When asked what makes him happy he lists reading a book (obtained for free from the library), feeding the birds ("my little beasts" as he refers to them), Christmas, the coming of spring, summer, snow, rain, thunder and lightning. Donal Moloney, professional photographer and film maker, befriends Martin as their two worlds come together through shared conversations and explorations.


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  • MaryAnne

    Very inspiring, truly magnificent! Martin radiates pure happiness, simplicity and love. One can learn a lot from watching and continuing to watch. Bless you Martin.

  • Cedrus

    Martin reminds me of these Zen masters who do not seek to be sought and at the same time have so much to give - the living beauty of paradox. I loved the shining of his face (when he was all washed up). Radiant. Absolutely radiant. One cannot fake that. He is the opposite of fake. He is totally genuine. He is purely his "no-self", as a good Zen master might be. Just the example of that state of being alone is worth a lot of gold, and deserves a whole lot of deep appreciation for being revealed in this film. Thank you, All.

  • Tan

    Can we all just be happy watching Martin for who he is without overthinking or criticizing anyone who made this video possible. Just be in the moment and enjoy it. Thanks and Blessings to all.

  • Rosemarie Anderson

    Martin may want to be anonymous and not acknowledged and bothered by publishers/filmmakers, etc. Rosemarie

  • Krishan

    Wow, this is so beautiful. Stopped me in my tracks as wel.

  • Robert

    Hi Dawn, I thought the same as I watched the credits. Though he says if you don’t leave anything behind then what is there to be remembered. It is those in the credits who have the need to be remembered in order to be happy. Martin is the only one who is remembered; without mention, without need.

  • trish

    This stopped me in my tracks. Slow down. Be. Just be here and now. Thank you Donal for recognizing the beauty of Martin.

  • steve zimmett

    I tweeted this to some friends a very inspiring video

  • Nicole

    Wonderful video , simply live it. Showing how easy and simple life can be if we are not fought in our golden Caves in complicated and disconnected worlds.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    It's the simple things that bring us joy and happiness <3 Great reminder! The friendship is key as well, to see each other as human beings of interest beyond what we first may see <3 Just beautiful. As someone who offers Free Hugs to homeless and also has offered sharing lunches, I've learned so much by listening to their stories and experiences. :) And how happiness can come in different ways... just beautiful. thank you

  • Gail

    Beautiful! I am reminded of what is truly important, not money or purpose, but the magnificence of life of which we humans are merely part of.

  • Dawn

    I loved the video. It made me think that I often pity the homeless when this shows they may feel the same for the rest of us. One thing I did notice and would like to know why? Why isn't Martin included in the credits? Not even under the people to give thanks to. I find this odd.

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