Douglas Tompkins, conservationist and co-founder of North Face and Esprit, preserved millions of acres of beautiful land from human exploitation. This moving tribute to Tompkins shows us his inspiring legacy of conservation and his passion for the wild earth. His love of exploring the outdoors led him to become an advocate for the land. A successful businessman in early adulthood, he sold his share of North Face and used this money to purchase wild tracts of land throughout South America, preserving this land for generations to come.


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  • kate

    To live in a time where deep appreciation is also deep action is a gift we are inspired to carry on. Thank you

  • Melissa

    I am speechless. I had no idea that the co founder of North Face was a true champion of tje our planet. What an amazing story and that he married the founder of Patagonia too. These two are truely amazing human beings!Me

  • Gwen Dodds

    That Douglas Tompkins loved nature to this degree & has saved so much of our planet.. Their are not many of us that are this dedicated.. Congratulation, Chris for carrying on his memory..

  • Margaret Taylor

    This man's vision for nature to be preserved in it's natural state is amazing. He gave, and didn't ask for anything in return except that in return the world would benefit. Dave and Chris need to be regarded as special human beings for the service they have given, and are still giving. Special people.

  • Lynn Buchanan

    There are not words available to describe the soul of this story.

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  • Learn more about how you can become involved with Tompkins Conservation.
  • Advocate for the wild lands near you. Check out the Nature Conservancy for volunteer opportunities in your state.
  • Plan an outing this week with friends and/or family to your nearest park. Before you settle down to enjoy the beauty pick up any trash that has been left by previous park goers and be sure to leave the area clean when you leave.

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