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More than 20 years ago, over the course of two years, a young woman had helpful conversations with a gentleman who volunteers for the Care Corner Counselling Center in Singapore. She was at a low point in her life at this time and received support, empowerment and a sense of hope from these conversations. Twenty years later, wanting to thank this man whom she had never met for helping her to move forward in her life, she searched for him and discovered that he is still volunteering and helping others. They did indeed meet and her gratitude after so many years touched him deeply. In this short video about their reconnecting, he shares a Chinese saying, "A kind word is like a fire in winter, it warms the soul."


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  • Kristin Pedemonti

    <3 Thank you to all the Mr Thong's out there. <3 Here's to the power of kindness of being a helping voice or hand when someone is in darkness. We sometimes never know the lives we touch. May we each reach out to someone who has shared some light with us and let them know how much their kindness means to us <3

  • Len Johnson

    What a joy to find someone like Mr. Thong who has found his passion in life and does it exceptionally well. My father use to tell me that doing such things is building treasures in heaven.

  • Cindy

    A wonderful service to just listen and give advice, no strings, no money changes hands, just kindness and a desire to help.

  • PK Chingakham

    Kind words are more than money.

  • Deepak

    Thank you . Kind words can save a life . Inspirational

  • Annette

    This moved me deeply. Words of affirmation has always been my love language. I see how words can uplift an individual and I know how words of kindness affect me positively. It's an easy way to connect with others....it's free.

  • Alice Kast

    that a gentle man was willing to connect with anyone in need of feeling connected to the living of life..I could hear his voice smiling, too

  • Brian

    Thanks Team. Very encouraging. A story of kindness to bring light and hope to the day. By lifting another's Spirit up, we can lift up our own. There is joy in purpose...take care...Peace

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  • Learn more about the Care Corner Counseling Center.
  • Visit the Helpline Center to learn more about the kinds of help that are available.
  • Contact a local helpline center to volunteer or to gain information so that you can inform others about its services. 

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