With spectacular visual images, this film reminds us of the necessity of connecting with the sacred in everyday life. It honors the sacred through sensory feelings of connection, with both the vast expanses such as mountain tops and waterfalls, and with the single dandelion sending its seeds into the future. This connection is further enhanced by the peaceful music that accompanies the images, providing a total experience of having touched the sacred.


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  • Amanda Ball

    This is beautiful. I suggest utilizing a black or indigenous human not necessarily dressed in white. Thank you for creating this beautiful piece of art.

  • Peter Pizzo

    We have the Stewardship of the earth as our responsibility and listen to our Mother Nature’s call to keep her beauties a live, This is a lovely reminder to do our part!

  • Ginny abblett

    The music and the film surely inspired me... and also the beautiful woman who was a part of this gorgeous movie...

  • Ruby Grad

    The beauty of the images, and the human presence connecting with that beauty.

  • Lorraine

    The music in combination with the pictures provided a positive focus on the majesty of nature & the sacred gift that is MOTHER EARTH.....ours to enjoy & protect.p

  • Ulf

    Beautiful landscape and filming. In my own experience, contact with the Sacred in nature is enhanced by me slowing down and opening up. Speeding up the film was enjoyed by my mind and its constant search for rapid stimuli, so typical for the time we are living in, but counterproductive to the purpose of this film as I understand it.

  • martina

    Silence and stars, green grass, landscapes with lakes and rivers, and no trash. We can return to the sacred, and we should keep trying to help the Earth to heal from human depredations.

  • Ruth Simone

    It sounds like wonderment!

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    beautiful varied landscapes and transporting ethereal music, thank you.

  • Kay

    This is a gift! A wonderful way or start my day!

  • Chris Ameen

    The images and the music are very soothing and made me feel relaxed. Thank you for creating this and for sharing it. May love and joy and peace be yours always.

  • Paula Schneider

    What peace. I loved the images and especially the beautiful, flowing background music. Thank you!

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