An impromptu performance on a French subway car by Naturally7--an American rap group--renders the evening commute anything but typical. As these musicians bestow a breathtakingly innovative spin on the Phil Collins classic "In the Air Tonight," what was old is now new again. In every way.


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  • Karen

    Bravo! Brought tears of joy.

  • lorraine uk

    Wow, truely gifted singers!! Have they released this in the uk? It brightened up my day. Thank you.

  • nadiy

    bravo..i can feel the joy even though i wasn't there.. this world still had lots of noble people..n its a waste if we didn't enjoy our lives by doing good deeds to others..

  • Natasha

    Made my heart sing...lived in Paris. Seeing their delight made me delight.

  • joleehenry

    What a way to wake up in the morning!! Fabulous!

  • jeff fasano

    THAT WAS JUST GREAT!!!! the world needs more of this..

  • bernadette juarez

    Naturally7 made my day!

  • Sal Anello

    Phil Collins is probably my all time favorite singer...this was a great rendition. Hope to hear more from Naturally7, Good Luck!

  • Deb Gregory

    Such harmony. I usually don't like rap music as it is diff. for to understand. That was great. my hat off to the group.

  • Stardette Hartley

    This was wonderful. They are talented and should continue to get into the music business.

  • Rick Brooks

    You got 'em! It was fun to watch the faces of some of the people on the Metro. It takes a while to distract them from their normal isolation. As they say in Paris, "Le Metro...doh doh. To get them out of the zone you got them in the zone. Great stuff. I'm sending this to a couple other singing groups I know to see if we can inspire them to follow your lead on Metro Buses here in Madison, Wisconsin. And by the way, great sound...!

  • allison strine

    Oh my! What a wonderful tribute to love and light and joy. I was so moved by the way that the singers were able to bring happiness to the faces of so many people - except for the jerk in the black suit!

  • G

    Naturally7 proved that all you need is a group of friends and any venue can serve as your "stage"---how wonderful that they shared that will all those---I also enjoyed the faces of the passengers change to acceptance and joy! Amazing talent---I bet Phil loves it!! thank you~~thank you

  • Chris

    they filled the dull subway air with joy and life can still feel it now coming in the air tonight...around the world...

  • Gary

    Beautiful. Naturally7's music made my entire body chill with happiness...

  • Angie

    Amazing! Blew me away. Your voices are absolutely so pure and clean, perfect rendition.

  • Loretta Peres

    What a way to travel on the subway! Was great seeing folks faces change as the singing went on. I'm inspired today!!

  • Michelle Payne

    Pure, unadulterated talent. No gimmicks; no props. Refreshing in this day and time!

  • Sons Kargbo

    Just superb! Phil should be happy. You've made it anew.

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