A film by Green Renaissance.

What is love? In this short film, we learn that love is the gentleness of being with what is. The veterinarian in this film recalls all the ways that he has become a channel for compassion to the animals and plants on his farm, and ultimately, being compassionate to himself. By finding what "lights up our hearts," we will be led into a kindness that can teach us how to love ourselves so that we can embody this for the world in our own small ways.


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  • Visit the websites of various animal rescue groups that promote compassion and think about how you can contribute  to a place near you. One such small organization is the Lasa Sanctuary.
  • How can mindfulness promote compassion? Read more in this article: Can Compassion Change the World?
  • Find something that lights up your heart and keep doing it.  Discover how this can create compassion within you. 

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