What does it mean to love someone? In this heartwarming animated short film produced by Cecilia Baeriswyl and directed by Julio Pot, the dynamics of relationships are explored through an ordinary couple as they learn about the power of giving and receiving. Selected in more than 100 international festivals, this film is at once lighthearted and insightful.


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  • Eisa

    Loving someone also means accepting and embracing his/her human imperfections.

  • Mark

    That message that you always need to keep a part of yourself even in relationships. It's a good approach for every aspect of life.

  • Annemarie

    It just affirms, Love isn't about giving part of yourself away. That ends up in misery. So keep the green ball to yourself and no-one gets hurt. The last couple seemed Co-dependent already

  • jim

    redemption and all the possibilities

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    shared and received and given in a healthy way, love grows.

  • Vanessa

    The powerful highlights that I see include the part of how love can fade away by not ‘watering’ our relationships and how frustrating and anxiety producing it feels to be empty and powerless when love gets ‘taken away.’ My critique of this little video is the perpetuating notion that live has to come from someone else instead of us creating and nurturing our state of love. We are fed this idea over and over again in old Disney movies, wait for your prince to rescue you emotionally with love. In order to have better relationships we must create our own happiness and self love. When you find someone that has done the same work, the love and relationship gets enhanced. If the relationship ends, you don’t need rescuing bc you still realize that the source of love and self love comes from within. The movie Hedwig and the angry inch is and example of finding self love after failed romantic relationships. A cult classic and amazing musical! ❤️

  • Michael

    True Love looks for nothing in return. It is indeed a gift ❤️

  • Donna Day

    My heart broke just watching it ! “The things we do to each other !”

  • Kwesi Gaisie

    The essential value of give and take in a love relationship. A two-way street., not a one way street.

  • Audrey Biloon

    I thought it was good but the ball should’ve been shaped like a 💜 to be shared.,

  • Sue

    The power of compromise.

  • Lisa


  • Mish

    The power of Love ❤️

  • sheila laffey

    wow! so simple and basic and sooo powerful! reminds me of the creative beauty of mime! thank you so much!

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