For the first time, former professional golfer Kendra Little opens up about her gender identity and the impact it has had on her life over the last 20 years. At 12 or 13 she learned she was born with an intersex syndrome called AIS, like one in 2,000 people. At 30 she decided to leave golf and discover who she really was, seemingly feminine in some ways and masculine in others. This film tells her extraordinary story. It will touch you to the heart.


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  • Learn more about androgen insensitivity syndrome (AIS), a condition that affects the development of a child's genitals and reproductive organs.
  • Watch this story about John Kitchin, another person who gave up a successful career to rediscover himself and do what makes him happy.
  • Let Kendra's story help you open to others as who they are, rather than what they do or look like. Step away from secret fears that you or others don't quite fit into the human mold. We are all on a path to self-discovery.

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