In times of global crises, it becomes increasingly clear that our lives are sustained by millions of gestures, big and small made by everyday people who simply show up to do their little bit, day after day in service of the greater good. This newly released music video Superhero is an ode to everyone in our world who lives like "we are the ones we have been waiting for."


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  • dianne

    Life, love, and goodness can be that simple - God is sooooo good. We can all share in this simple way of life by looking out to help others, more than looking in at my "needs". Thank you God.

  • Vandana Dillon

    What an awesome video and message. I am most deeply touched by the acts of kindness depicted in the video; from the cake and homework left at the door to the homemade thank you signs. No gesture made out of Love is ever small.

  • S. Michael

    Loved it and shared it! Found myself crying and also laughing during different parts -- felt it deeply! A great catchy tune and striking visuals. So grateful for all the superheroes and superheroines, including everyone behind KarmaTube, DailyGood and the many other ServiceSpace offerings. PS: Also loved the end with the dancing!

  • Anja

    Health Care workers DANCING: 4:03-4:04


    everything; and everybody they highlighted--all all inclusive--beauty:FULL!!!!

  • Anne

    That everyone who serves, encourages, cares for others can be a superhero.

  • Sophia

    The truth behind the power of each individual came across loud and clear. We all have the opportunity to prove just what a super hero we are each capable of being. This was so heartwarming and lovely. Namaste.

  • Celeste

    It was so beautiful it made me cry. We can all do our part to make this world a better place.

  • Susan Clark

    That everyone has a role to play - we can all share and receive love - and believe in this shared super power.

  • Sharon

    My job call it core values, I call it the way I live my life everyday., It’s my lifestyle. We are born helpers it’s a gift from God.

  • Leila

    I love Empty Hands Music. This video lifted me up today. We are each the ocean in every drop.

  • Karen Johnson

    The words, the up beat tune, the many different faces, ordinary people doing small things in service to humanity 💞

  • Patty

    So beautiful. Thanks for sharing this..and on a day when we celebrate our "Superhero" Mom's. So touching and so true.

  • Peggy

    It made me cry. Hope. Joy. Keep going. Thank you I needed this today.

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