Daniel Dancer is an art-activist who creates and films gigantic living paintings made of people that only make sense from the sky. Why? To bring people together, often young students, to create flashes of beauty that teach tangibly about the power of unity, the importance of nature, and the impermanence of just about everything. Listen as Dancer elaborates on the many lessons that the community can take from these ephemeral art actions.


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  • Esther Tanahashi

    What a great idea, activity and message! Inspiring.

  • Carol K. Criss

    Lessons to incorporate into daily life...............NOTHING is permanent

  • Capt. Steve

    Its amazing indeed! I am a Licensed Sea Captain and can only wonder what can be done on a calm sea! Or can I?? wwww.deerislecabinwithboattours.com

  • Ruth Bernstein

    What impressed me was the statement sometimes you must get farther away from something to be able to see it more clearly. This can be expanded and be a life lesson.

  • Jo Sanders

    Our interconnectedness, our energies, and our thinking are all vital to not only our own health but the health of our precious planet. It is beautifully illustrated in this piece! Thank you for having the heart-mind to choose this one to share... Palms joined, Jo

  • JoAnn

    Every single thing' Every community needs to do these “coming togethers” as soon as we’re able'

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Thank you for sharing a communal experience of such joy. Especially now when we are together apart♡

  • Terrie Gottstein

    SERIOUSLY COOL...especially in these times when we aren't able to gather in this way... Looking forward to a day when we might do one of these in Alaska, as a celebration of the fact that we can, once again, gather together.

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