Toussaint Bailey, a "husband, father, son, brother, executive and Black man in America," like so many others, has experienced daily the pain of racism. His sense of rage, sadness and confusion became more prominent after overtly racist events of the past few years. Struggling with how to continue to function as a Black CEO in a nearly all white firm, he had for the first time an authentic, raw conversation about racism at work. As a result he founded The Just Listen Project, which works to reduce the problems of racism through one to one conversations in which participants connect on a human level, deeply listening to Black people and their experiences of racism.


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  • Heather

    I saw this mans open heart and it brought tears to my eyes. It educated me and gave me food for thought.

  • Michele

    This is a very helpful video. I am aware of inequities racially and was grateful for "how"to begin a conversation about it. Thank you.

  • John

    What inspired me about this video? ALL OF IT. Thank you, this video is now making its rounds at my organization.

  • Carolyn

    Listening to a man who saw a need and a way to meet that need in a way that everyone can participate. Inspiring.

  • Tiffany

    Thank you for your courage and authenticity and sharing your heart. 💖🙏

  • Jo-Neal

    The incredible possibilities of change…the courage of this beautiful man.

  • Zach

    Toussaint's work inspired me to have some listening sessions 2 years ago. Thanks Toussaint for this work, and thanks Karma Tube for sharing this!

  • Heather

    It's a concrete action I know we can take in my work place - even if it's a little uncomfortable at first. I know we can do this.

  • Dana

    Beautiful, I am from Romania,Estern Europe, and i will send this video to a dear friend of mine from the States. He is white but he is trying to mediate between the white and black communities and search for solution. Thanks for this video!

  • Gigi

    Simplicity of the act of vulnerability. The enormousness of the act of vulernability.

  • Barbara Davis

    Excellent conversation about to share a conversation about racism.

  • Cecile Moochnek

    so grateful for this authentic talk/so much courage/many many thanks

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  • Learn how you can participate in the Just Listen Project. 
  • Integrate lessons learned from the South African anti-apartheid movement into your life.
  • How can you further extend the 1% improvement in the issue of racism? 

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