"Even though I am now almost completely blind due to the late embers of the naked sky of Hiroshima, when I first saw with the 'vision of the heart,' I finally understood that I am at last, truly able to see. When I had an epiphany two decades ago, I was convinced that forgiveness is the first step toward peace...My life story demonstrates how a heart twisted by hatred and revenge can be transformed by forgiveness, evolving to a path of peaceful wisdom and the essential work of healing human hearts." In this sweet video, Takashi Tanemori shares his "vision" for the world after Hiroshima.


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  • Donna

    I just finished reading his autobiography, Hiroshima, Bridge to Forgiveness. His story touched me so deeply. I read it twice. Wish I could tell him, I cried with him in bad times and rejoiced in the good times.Thrilled that he excepted Jesus Christ as his Savior.

  • sharonmo

    There is much need for forgiveness. War is a horrible thing and I hope we learn to stop our addiction to it and move into peace, being peace and not using killing as a way to solve our problems. We glorify war too much and don't take the time or effort to work towards peace and love. Thank you Takashi! You give me hope!!

  • Chris

    What an amazing testament to the strength, courage and openness Mr. Tanemori had during his journey. When I struggle with forgiving another, I can think of him... and seeing grass all around me, I can think of his message. I leave a blessing for Mr. Tanemori: may you be safe... may you be strong and healthy... may you be happy... may you live in peace and gratitude.

  • Nancy

    Words often startle me with their impact. Never before have I thought about the phrase, "a blade of grass." Blade - and grass - who put these words together? But, how appropriate I now find the word & phrase upon learning of Takashi Tanemore & his experience.

  • claudia

    How he has transformed the bitter violent horror into a transcendent peace and big love . Thank you to every blade of gress that carpets out fair earth and forgives out daily destruction

  • Cindy

    Beautifully done. I realize I want to live in Mr. Tanemori’s world, free of anger, full of hope.

  • MearaJoy Norice

    Having been born in 1939, I have always been confused about this country's creation of the atomic bomb. In 1982, I visited Los Alamos. New Mexico for the first time. This has been part of my life journey to understand how human beings in our country could believe that this was necessary. Have read several books about SantaFe & the secret process involved in bringing people from around thoe world to create the community in Los Alamos that eventually evolved to bring this bomb into our world. In 2001 I relocated to a small town in southern New Mexico where I discovered that 2 days a year the actual Trinity site near Socorro, NM, where the bomb was first initiated was open to visitors. Once again, I traveled alone for the day. After walking the path into the the bunker area where Robert Oppenheimer supposedly viewed the explosion...I notice a small circle of folks with eyes closed, holding hands & meditating?praying? I quietly walked up to the circle & 2 people opened their hands to invite me in. I stood in the circle for several minutes. We opened our eyes & smiled to each other. I noticed an Asian looking man with a t-shirt "Anything is Possible"...who was invited to share his experience of being in the quiet group. It was Takashi! I felt so blessed to be "called" to join in. At the closure, Takashi gave me his business card...Silkworm Peace Institute of USA. I wrote him a ote following my experience. I was kinda in an altered state following this experience. I now live in northern California & often share my story of my solitary quest to deepen my understanding of how we, as human beings, justify this kind of destruction. Thank you Taskashi for your reverence for all of life, for that beautiful day in southern New Mexico when you touched my heart with seeds of kindness & courage. May we all be at peace.

  • Donna

    I was inspired by his simple message of hope, in a blade of grass. And by his advice to find peace by being of service to others in all we do. Not easy! Loved his voice.

  • Alice Kast

    thank you for sharing this story of a man who experienced such disregard for all lie and decided to be loving. there are more such stories of individuals choosing to love worth sharing. the future calls for humans in the service of love. Aug 6 and 9 belong to our ongoing journey to peace and love.

  • Grete

    "I met a blade of grass....!" This will stay with me. Thank you!

  • chris

    Such a gift to have elders amongst us like Takashi, who have peered into the abyss and bring back lessons to share. I remember meeting him briefly once years back; he exuded such acceptance and grace with his presence. Thank you Takashi and Jason for sharing this truth and beauty.

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  • Read a chapter of Takashi Tanemori's book, "Hiroshima: Bridge to Forgiveness," to learn more about his incredible journey.
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  • Next time you feel anger at a loved one's actions, try practicing "instant forgiveness," opening your heart to your loved one's reality in that moment.

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