Animated by Katy Wang. Illustrated by Charlotte Ager. Music by David Kamp.

“The Peace of Wild Things” is a beautifully animated film of a poem written and read by Wendell Berry as part of the “Poetry Films” series of the On Being Project, which features animated interpretations of beloved poems. This poem is a warm invitation to return to our early memories of peace and joy, perhaps lying in the grass on a sunny hill, listening to bird and insect sounds, when suddenly, for a moment, "we are free!"


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  • Maggie

    Driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina, I was in awe of the absence of any man-made noise. No planes, no trucks, honking horns. My husband and I got out of the car and all we could hear was the wind through the trees and bird chatter. It was bliss. I just wanted to sit on the grass and just be immersed in nature.

  • Kathleen Davis

    This is one of my favorite poems. It reminds me to have no worries. We are taken care of .....we are part of the wild things and they part of us.

  • Del

    The Peace it inspires so simply and beautifully.

  • jon

    One more note to borrow a phrase THE WORLD IS BOTTOMED OUT, look at all the self help books spiritual books on and on, nougthing leads to change. We teach and follow the same theories over and over and expect to find new results by doing what others have done have gotten nowhere.This is the sign of a mad man , have we all gone mad.The only answer lies within, and will be found only by laying down with nature

  • Jon Williams

    This falls into my lap at a time where I am about to explore the gardens of Florida. I realize that I and most of mankind have forgotten nature. Merlin was a man of the forest so many tales about him gloss over that fact, Merlin was always a man of the woods, one with nature before any then else. Please note that Fairy gardens are not simply child play, but a place were adults can enjoy and block out the world and return to our forgotten self.

  • Sahara

    Aweee...Thee Wendell Berry!! This name speaks everything.

  • Carolyn Devol

    Actually, I like anything written by Wendell Berry...poems, yes, but definitely his fiction and his essays. In my opinion, he is a national treasure.

  • Bec

    What a timely and beautiful reminder ... I am ever-inspired by nature, the only constant in this chaotic world despite its everchanging existence, slow down and free yourself from your mind :)

  • Kathryn Seidler

    It has been one of my favorite poems from the first time I read it. I enjoyed hearing Wendell Berry’s voice reading it. Thank you.

  • Colombe Smith

    I am dying of delusions and beastility I don't get inspired. I have had it with nature and journaling and self expression and people and food. I want n.v yo.kill myself and and everybody is too wimpy to help and the doctors won't euthanize yet Colombe Smith. Williamstown Massachusetts

  • Patrick Watters

    Man/Woman’s heart away from nature becomes hardened. ~Luther Standing Bear~

  • Christine Perica

    Wendell Berry's voice reading my favorite poem of his! Thanks!

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Oh to hear Wendell Berry's soothing voice set to such calming music and animation, thank you. Perhaps next 2am anxiety attack, I shall simply go outside and lie down on the grass.♡

  • Martina N.

    Nature always revives me. It is fresh, it is able to withstand time and change with seasons. Yesterday I walked on the beach and there were lots of broken shells washed up. They become sand, as they get smasked to smithereens, and the sand is at the edge of the ocean, smoothing the tidal flow, as it ebbs and flows. This also is a way to move past anxiety, into a rhythm of tidal flow.

  • Dudley Gilmer

    His voice and the pictures! excellent!

  • Susan Runner

    With all seeming so violent and mean in our world this is calming to the heart

  • Susan Clark

    The illustrations deepened the wise words. The next time I am tossing and turning with worry at 3am, I will remember this.

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