Animated by Katy Wang. Illustrated by Charlotte Ager. Music by David Kamp.

“The Peace of Wild Things” is a beautifully animated film of a poem written and read by Wendell Berry as part of the “Poetry Films” series of the On Being Project, which features animated interpretations of beloved poems. This poem is a warm invitation to return to our early memories of peace and joy, perhaps lying in the grass on a sunny hill, listening to bird and insect sounds, when suddenly, for a moment, "we are free!"


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  • Susan Clark

    The illustrations deepened the wise words. The next time I am tossing and turning with worry at 3am, I will remember this.

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  • At this moment when so much of nature is threatened, what can we do to help save that which is wild and free? Here are three ways to save our planet.
  • Writing a poem yourself is a wonderful way to explore the heart's desires, and a poem about any aspect of nature, or even the Wild Things, can bring you to that same inner freedom Berry speaks about. Try it today.

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