Yes, scientists have discovered that plants can actually talk to each other. This short animated film, commissioned by BBC World Service, explores what has been nicknamed "The Wood Wide Web" - the intricate fungal network connecting plants across entire forests. "Trees are "social creatures" that communicate with each other in cooperative ways that hold lessons for humans, too." ~ Ecologist Suzanne Simard.


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  • judith kemp

    It confirms so much of what I like to "babble" about with friends. The importance of the old growth is so so so important.

  • Fran Menley

    I have been reading the book "The Secret Lives of Trees" - it explains this much more broadly and in depth - so fascinating !!

  • Barbara Schwartzbach

    Beautiful love trees ❤️🙏❤️ for so many reasons.🌳

  • Paula

    This concept is so amazing and holds such promise to build understanding of the importance of intact forests. Have a look at Suzanne Simard's new book "Finding the Mother Tree: Discovering the Wisdom of the Forest", in which she describes her journey to discovering this amazing underground network. It just came out in May 2021. There is also a major film about her planned, starring Amy Adams.

  • Elaine Novak

    "The Hidden Life of Trees" by Peter Wohlleben for more on this fascinating topic.

  • Mary Dudley Gilmer

    Nature is even more wonderful than we can imagine

  • Dr.Cajetan Coelho

    Thanks for these important lessons. Indeed "Trees are "social creatures".

  • Robert Dixon

    Reminds me of the wonderful novel "The Overstory" by Richard Powers. A must read for nature lovers and especially for nature haters too!!!

  • Sharyl Peterson

    I love that it offers yet one more resource showing how all of us are interconnected. And that all those trees I hugged (yes, I really did) as a teenager may have actually known that :)

  • Susie

    Incredible and wonderful at the same time!

  • Renu Singh

    So profound 👏👏

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    So much said so succinctly. May we humans be more like trees and create a wider web in which we help each other grow ♡

  • Carolyn Reinhart

    a wonderful film plus others here

  • Carolyn Reinhart

    this is wonderful as are some of their other films

  • Carolyn Reinhart

    a tree film

  • Carolyn Reinhart

    a wonderful tree film

  • Carolyn Reinhart

    a wonderful film

  • Carolyn Reinhart

    lovely film

  • Debora Murray

    This is very well done! The natural life is simplistic and profound.

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