Soil and water are the beginnings of all things that sustain life. The indigenous women of Sogorea Te' Land Trust know this from their ancestors long ago and from the call of the children yet to be born in the future. There is a sacred bond to Mother Earth that invites each of us to respect nature wherever we live. It is for this reason that the sustainable gardens at Sogorea Te' are being maintained and used as an educational garden that shows how we can farm the land using the non-colonial methods of indigenous and black people who remained close to the land. By using regenerative farming, we may all learn how to live in harmony with the land. Together, we can find a balance with the soil, water, and air so that all creatures may live in balance with each other for a sustainable future.


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  • Joan

    This project was inspiring, the focus on the earth, the ancestors, and respect and prayers.

  • Dr.Cajetan Coelho

    Very nice video. Thanks. We are all connected. Our world has the potential of becoming a disease-free space all over again.

  • Helen C. Gennari

    I am so grateful for the women, men & children committed to this work that is so healing for us and for the earth. Thank you.

  • Freda Karpf

    thank you. perfect. a beautiful and compassionate way to show us all how to be with our earth.

  • Ginny

    I could not agree more…

  • Simone

    A film about the freedom to grow your own food from the land, There are two things that are distractions, in this film, from the message. If we want real freedom, that should include the freedom to breathe the air of the land, without restrictions to our oxygen intake. When we were born to this planet it was with the gift of breath. Don’t let anyone take that away from you. The other concern I have is about the linking of the joys and freedom of growing our own food, to skin color. Growing our own food has been the way of every nation, every color of skin on the planet, since life began. Isn’t it time we ALL reclaim our God-given rights to breath freely and grow our food freely. Dear Planet and it’s People, please heal as One.

  • Someone in Love

    It is a beautiful and insightful film, speaking from the heart. Unfortunately my attention was absorbed watching the masked faces, even when alone, even when alone in a car or office or house, even outside in nature on an organic piece of land. To my mind it is contradicting the revolutionary attitude of regenerative practices: Nature in her majesty is all encompassing, all accepting - from the tiniest to the biggest creatures. Nature is protection itself and separating ourselves out of it is arrogant. Sad, sad, sad times, when we live in fear.

  • Dudley Gilmer

    The contented faces, the simple expressions of awe for the land!

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  • Learn more about the work that the urban indigenous women of Sogorea Te' Land Trust are doing. 
  • Listen to this song about Mother Earth and be inspired to take action to protect the sacred land and water that is our home. 
  • Consider what you can do in your own place on the planet to help care for the earth--buy or grow your own organic food, use the power of your vote to protect the land, or support local and international environmental organizations.

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