This short film by Nic Askew of Soul Biographies has been called "the epitome of joy." Through the delightful presence of Feliciano Pop from Guatemala, we are asked to consider what language is beyond our simple understanding of words. Is there a language that we can all understand if we choose to listen and notice what is happening; if we pay attention with our heart? Prepare to smile and to sing along at the end of the video, whether you know the words or not.


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  • Kathryn

    His vulnerable showing of emotion. Leaning in, or bowing his head, gazing, staring, singing.

  • Marina

    Pure Joy. My life goal is to be seen as I experience him. joyful, living fully, connected.

  • Sharon K.

    His smiling, radiant face as he spoke.

  • Mary

    What an honor this filmmaker had interviewing this joyful human! I could ’listen’ to him a long time!

  • Marliese

    I followed every sentence and shared his emotion. This was easy, because he was so full of expression with his eyes, his face and hands. His innocent soul showed what he meant.

  • Sharon

    He is an angel dwelling among us. It is palpable. Such authentic joy and goodness are infectious and can permeate our souls and elevate our spirits.

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  • Learn more about the work of Nic Askew and Soul Biographies
  • Listen to this interview with Nic Askew on witnessing the inner view without map or conditions.
  • Take some time this week to listen to another person by noticing beyond the words being spoken what is being communicated to you, and pay attention to how you feel in the process. 

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