Laughter is a natural medicine - it lifts our spirits and makes us feel happy. Laughter is contagious. It brings people together and helps us feel more alive and empowered. Laughter therapy aims to use the natural physiological process of laughter to help relieve physical or emotional stresses or discomfort. There are over 70 organizations committed to the healing power of laughter around the world. Watch as Care Clowns, Clown Doctors, and Joy activists in countries across the globe delight sick children and their care givers with giggles, bubbles, love, and joy.


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  • Mindy

    Laughter bridges the gaps between the silent smiles :))). Such wonderful joy to share :))). Thank you!

  • Elizabeth MacDonald

    I loved the laughter of the children and the warm embraces of love. Reminded me of blowing bubbles for preschool children and watching their wide eyes and smiles.



  • Lisa Brown

    I love that this 'global joy movement' is calling us to use nothing more than ourselves and our choice to focus on humor and spreading joy. No need for complicated, technical 'innovations', just show up and choose to focus on the healing power of laughter! Now that's what I call innovative!

  • Sandy

    The joy and infectious laughs of the children - and how they will smile when they remember the experience (and that it was also good for their immune systems and that they will hopefully be helped [thru their memories] during tough times. I couldn't stop smiling!

  • Allen Klein

    As the world's only "Jollytologist", I a red clown nose fan. I never leave home without one. Allen Klein, author of The Healing Power of Humor

  • Pamela

    It was so HUMAN. Real smiles, hugs, and community were created.

  • Ray

    Everyone wins

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Well, done. Joy, LOVE & laughter heal. Share your inner JOY and serve someone today. I never leave home without bubbles and my FREE HUGS sign. Here's to all of us releasing inner JOY to others. <3

  • Nicola

    Dearest friends of JOY... (this is our movie) thanks for the comments... we are a South African based organisation and this movie we made in 2007, with the hope of inspiring more to step UP & join the JOY MOVEMENT... here's our We are so grateful for the exposure of our work and we are looking at running our first ever online training - please let us know if you're keen... on email

  • Sophia Tiers

    The joy of the children who were hurting and the gift of those who did everything they could to bring joy and laughter to those in pain. I also liked the Universality of the project. There is only One family in the Parenthood of God. Peace and Love,

  • Brian

    Thanks Guys! Yes, let's all join the Healing through Joy movement! Let's pray the "Time is Money" Global powers join us! Let's keep laughing and's the website that was listed: Peace

  • Lindsey

    My mum has dementure - she often feels low - making her laugh is incredibly rewarding and seems to give a temporary improvement in her memory? is there someone out there who could do some research in slowing down ( or even reversing) cognitive decline through laughter therapy?

  • aj

    well………. children…………loving…………believing that when they grow up they can also share joy and have fun ………….. enough with the heavy problems ! love love love

  • meetakshi

    care clowns <3 just what the world needs... enough people spreading fear... salute! gratitude! love! muah :) thanks for sharing the video, made my day... i'm sharing it!!!!

  • Patricia AMAZON

    The diversity of the Care Clowns, Clown Doctors and Joy activist was instrumental in relaxing the children and I believe helped them relate. The video is colorful and the energy and laughter from kids and clowns was engaging. I'm still smiling.

  • M

    Love it...spread the Love one smile @ a time....

  • Hemal

    Is does not take a whole lot to be happy and make someone happy...and every sould is empowered to do that.

  • Roselie

    Watching the "shared" joy moving back and forth between the red-nosed clowns, the hospital staff, and the children. All of us should be uplifted by this shared joy and thankful for our many blessings.

  • Hank

    This inspired me to reaffirm the belief that we can make a difference individually and collectively in bringing joy and peace to the world! May everyone doing this work, and all whose lives they touch, be blessed.

  • Anne-Marie

    As someone who has seen these red-nose angels first hand on the pediatric floor, it makes such a world of difference for these kids! And for us nurses and doctors too! ;) Unfortunately, some hospitals I've worked at have stopped funding projects like these and upped their marketing and advertising instead. Telling the consumer they 'put patients first' but the reality is quite different. Laughter and Joy is indeed healing-and whether we are wearing a Red Nose or not we can all provide it to loved ones who are in need of some special TLC. :)

  • steve zimmett

    The healing power of laughter. What a great video

  • jerry w

    I love that there are such caring people in this world who want to heal others and bring cheer to others.

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