When Dan Stevenson placed a stone Buddha across the street from his house in Oakland’s Eastlake neighborhood, it was out of desperation.The corner had become an impromptu dump. City signs warning of punishment did nothing to change things. Dan asked himself if there might be another approach; something simple. He never imagined the positive energy chain that would ensue.


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  • Barbara Schwartzbach

    Love stories of building community ❤️

  • Penelope

    I think this is actually a Kuan Yin statue, the Goddess of Compassion. The community has built a small house of worship as well. Beautiful.

  • Elayne Azevedo

    Is this still as we see in lovely video in 2022?

  • Maribeth

    It's like a water lily--from the sludge comes the beauty. Both are needed.

  • Alesia

    People seeking the sacred in the most unexpected surroundings...... and how one simple gesture changed the energy of a community and the community itself. This is so beautiful, and an offering of hope for the entire world!

  • Ruth

    Imagine the Outcomes, Whenever We Consistently Respond to Negativity With One Simple and Mindful Action Step that is Intended to Influence Positive Change...

  • Margaret Chisholm

    Everything! I was mesmerized by the respect, attention, caring, and community that it represented. For me, it was also a powerful sign f hope in our painfully fractured nation and suffering world. May each of us find a way inner own community to create this sort of positive energy. Thanks for sharing this lovely, hopeful, inspiring video.

  • Bernie

    A simple act created a ripple of gentle change.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    What inspires me about this is how a seemingly simple & intentional gesture of placing a Buddha statue brought peaceful & caring energy and action. Such a powerful reminder to go ahead and try something different and see what arises. ♡

  • Ramesh Shah

    Positive, Inspirational Idea to transform neighborhood from dumping garbage to Praying.

  • Phonecia

    I love everything about this idea and the video. I especially love his focus on "changing the energy".

  • haia

    Dan wow! you are now a legend in my eyes!A true leader embodied of compassion and curiosity

  • Rosemarie gates

    Dan's freedom to act on his idea and hisopenness tp see what would happen. The power of community. How an invitsyoon to reflevt and pray was accepted by so many.

  • Yve

    Heartening to watch people connect in peace

  • Diane Hong

    Beautiful. What a simple thoughtful idea and it not only stopped dumping but created a spiritual space for all to enjoy.

  • Marg

    I love the fact that the space is respected and not vandalized.

  • Susan

    Changing the energy -- with a simple visible icon of peace -a buddha statue. Where in your neighborhood could you bring peace with a simple visible symbol of peace?

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  • Learn about the rich and vibrant Vietnamese community of East Bay.
  • Listen to this podcast about the creation and impacts of the Buddha of Oakland.
  • Is there a situation in your own life that has brought you to the point of desperation? How might you change the energy with a simple action coming from love?

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