"Treeline," filmed in three extraordinary forest landscapes across Japan, British Columbia and Nevada, asks us to question: what is a tree? What is our connection to our oldest living companions? When we take the time to really look, to really experience and to really open ourselves to these questions, we begin to realize the great mystery of trees. Giant in scale to other plants, they have a life that is as complex and mysterious as our own. Trees teach us so much with their characters of endurance and stability in a world that is full of change.


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  • Richard

    I have many special trees. I hope all who watch this lovely piece of art can find their tree.

  • Ahriana

    What a beautiful, meaningful, deeply moving film. Thank you so much to everyone who was a part of its creation. I was most deeply moved by the awareness of the people and by their genuine relationship with trees.

  • Nancy

    The knowings! 3 1/2 knew I am a Tree! Told parents-said crazy. Child teen adult I sat in a tree. Adult found Cabala:Tree of Life. Trees talk: hear their music/magic/breath. They teach me to love w/o judgement. A dog lifts a leg -doing what a dog does! Humans lifting a leg to me not take it personally. I forgive-me/all 7x7 a day-Bible-Communication/Union.

  • S

    Marliese, You can share this video with your grandson. I am not on Facebook or twitter and I watched it through a website called karma tube.org.

  • Barbara

    A tree will never say, "I don't like you." That inspired the purest love in this film

  • Marliese

    Live is a mystery and a beautiful one. Trees are telling us this. Thank you for the movie, I loved it. Unfortunately I cannot share it with my grandson. He is not on Facebook or twitter.

  • Ulli

    Love the video. Thank you.

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  • Take the time to sit or stand next to a tree. Close your eyes and lean against it to feel its living presence. Listen and try to sense what lessons this tree can teach you? 

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