Hopefully you have a little piece of green forest—a kind of a heaven on earth-- where you can find peace. If so, you already have experienced the health benefits of soaking up the beauty of nature. Forest bathing, in Japan where the practice originated, is called shinrin-yoku. This is the practice of walking through the forest slowly and quietly as a way to heal body, mind and spirit. This film, made by Sharecare Films Production, takes you on a first-person experience of the practice of forest bathing through fern laden, old growth forests; bamboo groves with the rain falling on the hollow stems; and hemlock stands over a hundred feet tall with birds singing all around. Forest bathing has been proven by scientists to benefit physical as well as mental health. Shinrin-Yoku helps to lower heart rate and blood pressure, reduce stress hormone production, boost immunity and mood, and improve overall feelings of wellbeing.


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  • J

    Those who forest bathe in Japan don’t do so with the loud buzz of electronic music in the background. Their hearts and souls synchronize to the music of the forest. The whole point is to turn off the electronic buzz of our frenetic lives and listen inwardly and synchronize to the sound of nature. Remake without buzz and I’ll share widely.

  • Heather

    Dear Sharecare Films Production, You spoiled this film for me with the loud, background music!!! Why did you not just let the birds and water do their magical sounds that are so soothing to the soul. I never heard music like that whenever I walked at Burnaby Lake which I did for years; only crickets, the buzzing of flying insects, the rustling of the leaves in the trees, the gurgling of the water, the bird calls, my footsteps on the pathways, the sighing of the wind, the smells of life that carries everything----in other words, only nature, that’s all, only nature. How enhanced your wonderful photography would have been with only these sounds. Burnaby Lake is situated in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

  • Carrie

    The music wasn't only "new age"- it has a brain effect of slowing the mind down - science anad audio working together. For those that found it disturbing, maybe it is that you are somparing it to your actual walks. It is not "real" - only virtual - so Ok for some of us.

  • Carrie

    I can't go there,but you brought a moment to me - thank you.

  • Bryan

    Lovely soft sample of what one can absorb alone, as one with nature. Well done, although the birds, whisper of the wind, and sounds, smells, and feeling of nature do not need frosting. But perhaps the background helps a film convey settings such as this to those who’ve not experienced them—and foster change.

  • Sita

    Beautiful cinematography but the sound track ruined it for me. I wish I could hear the nature sounds instead. Then the heart beat came in and I was done I found it disturbing, like a horror

  • Maarten B

    Beautiful nature, I would really like to walk there. That is: in silence, without some new age soundscape ringing in my ears, horror and torture. Why is it that we humans always have to add something, trying to own it, to change nature? Only in the last few seconds I could find some peace again.

  • Precious Ma

    Beautiful, serene, peaceful, inspiring!

  • Vitek

    Nice video and cinematography, but the soundscape is wrong. They patched in vocalizations of Wood Thrush, Carolina Wren, etc - these are birds of eastern North America mixed into a California landscape :(

  • Lin

    Yes I agree with others ... why the extraordinary 'music'? It drowned the natural sounds which I could barely hear ... I wouldn't bath with that noise going on in the background! If ever there was a chance for silence and natural music, this was it ... but it seems the film maker didn't feel it was sufficient. And looking at the number of awards it has received, it seems others don't notice it. What a great sadness natural isn't enough.

  • PK

    This could have been immensely peaceful, the filming and this forest almost brings tears to the eyes, but the sustained electronic music underlying the beautiful forest sounds just made my body tense and wanting the music to stop.

  • sandra

    the quiet feeling of peace.

  • J E

    The photography was lovely and the natural sounds. But the constant sound of the instruments was extremely nerve raking to me.

  • Carolyn

    I agree with Janice.

  • Mary Laura

    Wonderful: inspiring and healing

  • Robin

    The beauty of the trees and the sound of the birds. As I watched I could feel my shoulders relax. This was a blessing. Thank you.

  • Dorothy

    The sensation of being on the path and moving along the path with the sound, which enhanced the experience. It was very relaxing and peaceful.

  • Janice

    The trees and the bamboo and the pace of the film I really though found the music/sound anxiety-provoking. What about just the sound of the rain and footsteps? That would have held the same sense of peace as what we were viewing.

  • Marilyn

    what inspired me about this video- is two things it reminded me of Muir Woods, and also how you could actually almost feel yourself being there. (Beautiful( & thank you for sharing.

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  • Learn more about the science of how nature heals us. 
  • If you are not able to actually take a walk in a forest, take a walk in your imagination. Play this recording of birds in a forest as you rest in your home and find healing within. 
  • If possible. find a forest nearby or a quiet place with trees. Walk slowly and quietly, allowing your thoughts to float away. Feel the healing benefits of the forest gradually release you from your worries and carry this ease back into your day.

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