Do virtue and success go together? If I am good will only good things happen to me? Kate Bowler was forced to face these false narratives when she got a life-changing diagnosis. She was living the life of her dreams- a new job in academia, newly married to her high school sweetheart, and finally pregnant after years of infertility- when she found out she had stage four cancer. How could this perfect world of hers come to an end?! In the shocking reality of waking up to the uncertainty of life, she realized that the idea that everything happens for a reason isn't a guarantee that only good will come to you but that even in the seeming dark times of life, there is love, goodness and beauty to be found.


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  • Jennie

    This video touched me deeply as I had cancer 3 months ago. In a similar way, I couldn't comprehend why a group of strangers will get together multiple times and pray for me to be cancer free. I also found it ironic that I found freedom when I realize there are no good options - chemo and potential death - are both bad options. Today, I still find myself coming up with reasons for "Why cancer?" I appreciate the realness expressed by Kate in the chaos. There are no answers except a windstorm of feelings - doubts, hopes, gratefulness, despair, and love.

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  • Watch a movie to see how a character learned to see the love and beauty that could also be found within a tragic loss. 
  • Read about ways to center and ground yourself in times of grief and loss.
  • What lies do you need to let go of in order for you to be free to experience the inherent beauty of this present moment?

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