"Research suggests that not only is spirituality innate, it is also an essential part of childhood development." When children are allowed and encouraged to ask the deep questions about the meaning of life and their purpose in it, they are given a path that leads away from depression and addiction and enables them to enter into the realm that makes us truly human. They learn that their voices matter. This compelling video sheds light on the importance of including spiritual development for the education of the whole child.


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  • Gita

    Takový úžasný přístup ve školách by vedl k životu v míru a uvědomění a naše děti by vyrostly v sebeurčené milující bytosti vážící si života. To je radost.


    How Innocent Children are ?

  • Patricia

    Beautiful project, so important to allow our students, our children, to ask questions. We may not always have the answers but we can start trying to find them together

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  • Learn more about the evidenced-based curriculum, The QUESTion Project
  • Read about how the Fetzer Institute fosters spiritual flourishing for all people. 
  • Consider how your own spirituality, however you define it, helps to make you more fully human. 

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