An egg; a perfect package of hope. Sit down and allow your heart to open; allow your mind to quiet. Then connect with this beautiful poem by Jackie Morris and ponder how to hold your own hope.


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  • Heather

    An ache. A longing for there to be unity around a vision for the future that involves healing for the earth, for humanity, for all living creatures.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Profound. Em Profound messages from egg, such a beautifully layered symbol. May we incubate together

  • Nivardo

    Peace. A little hope in oneself. Sadness. Obscurity.

  • kaariina natalie

    Full moon new year emergently expressing the inner egg of genes for this life! My basket of crystal eggs, our ukrainian eggs, our wombmans sacred eggs, all are held by HER! And the winds are now blowing tops of tallest trees bending as we are called to bend with humility for SHE is our great mother.

  • Patrick Watters

    Mother Earth is holding an egg and asking humanity to help incubate it…

  • Mji

    The creativity of words, images, sounds, and sentiment ... a beautiful collage, a powerful message of hope, faith and truth.

  • Lucia

    Wow! First of all her voice was so lilting and calming. Second Past--mistakes-sorry, present fear and courage, future hope and What? What do we do? What do we witness? What do we change? So much hope for the future and the world's interconnectedness.

  • Lucille

    I am inspired to mindfully live this marvelously miraculous day with compassion, courage and curiosity.

  • Julie

    the peace and calm I am experiencing after listening

  • Nancy

    Everything - every word. So very grateful to have heard this. The author heard my thoughts feelings and emotions verbatim. She expressed my oneness with birds, tress - All the inspirations she named - especially Hope. This letter to Tomorrow....the future creates the present is a gift that will keep on giving each day. It is a blessing for 2023.

  • Ramesh Shah

    New Year 2023 is already here with Lots of Hope; YES: we should allow our Heart to open up and Mind to quiet to receive it. Egg is the perfect symbol: we all bron out of an egg.

  • venkat pulla

    simplicity in message yet powerful eloquent.

  • irene

    It touches the heart with its beauty, simplicity and truth. It's a gem. So thank you.

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  • Get to know the soaring spirit of Jackie Morris the author of this poem.
  • Write your own letter to tomorrow. Release your past, gather courage in this present moment, and then write a heartfelt message of hope to tomorrow. Share it with someone and watch it grow.
  • Hold your own fragile hope gently in your heart. Close your eyes and listen to the poem again. Then open your eyes and listen once more. Now, go outside and release your hope to the sky, flying on strong wings into the future.

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