Interbeing is a project which utilizes music and art to showcase the interconnectedness of everything: people, nature, and the whole ecosystem. Through indigenous songs, traditional instruments and the exquisite sounds of nature, traditions are passed on to younger generations, including the life giving value of forests. Interbeing lays a path for regenerating and recreating some old ways of living in harmony with nature with a reminder to not "forget that we are all interconnected."


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  • Christine, Mariejo

    The Reality of it. The Purity. The obvious Connectedness. May it Be Preserved, I Pray. And Deep Gratitude to All those who made this film possible. May Each One continue to Be Blessed. The Present And the Departed :)

  • Linda

    I love Nature so this appealed to every fiber of my being. We need Nature to thrive. We cannot live without air, water, fire, wood, Earth--which is why we are all interdependent. I wish everyone could understand this so that perhaps everyone would do their part to make sure that Earth survives. We are so dependent upon Earth.

  • Havi

    This brought me to teas: the beauty, the songs, the heart, the pain of deforestation, the longing. Thank you

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