Even though the internet and the world wide web were designed to decentralize information, our attention is increasingly and calculatedly controlled by a small number of sources whose sole aim is make money from where we place our attention. Learn why the "attention economy" demand our active resistance.


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  • Jagannatha Das

    I find myself in a quandary; I agree that the digital world has a very strong influence on our behavior. It has the capability of directing our attention to things that are trivial. At the same time, the internet is full of relevant information. Modern and latests findings in neurology and behavioral psychology, for instance. Without the digital network, I would not have been able to watch this video. And so although I know the dangers of using the social media, I try to make conscious decisions how and when I would engage in them. I am also aware that the algorithms are designed precisely to manipulate us by feeding us what we crave for. Therefore, it is still necessary to completely abstain from the web once in a while. Also limiting my indulgence, even in reading or watching and getting involved, even in „good“ topics.

  • Patricia

    Important insights and understandings.

  • Ellen

    Mary, this sounds like Charles Eisenstein.

  • Mary

    Who is the narrator in this very interesting video?

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  • Learn about designing with the intention of enabling the planet, places and people to flourish in harmony.
  • Understand why our attention is so valuable in this age of overwhelming amounts of information.
  • Softly close your eyes and place your attention on where you actually are in this moment. Let yourself fully attune to the sounds, smells and sensations available in this moment. How does it feel to actually choose where to place your attention?

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