The Red Dress is a multi-year, award-winning, global, collaborative embroidery project. Textile artist Kirstie Macleod engaged artisans from around the world, many of whom live in refugee camps, have experienced the ravages of war, or live in extreme poverty, to embroider sections of a red dress that channels the voices of women crying out to be heard. The feelings, stories, and dreams of the women are stitched onto this spectacular dress. In this moving video we travel with the artist to meet some of the women who have used embroidery to get their lives back together, in the process empowering themselves and others in their community.


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  • Maureen Parker

    This is deeply touching! My heart has tears of joy for these women and their lives and the connections of humanity along with so much hope that is woven through these threads 🧵 d life I am inspired by all of you.

  • Geri Taran

    Everything... the concept, the amazing diversity, the women, the soul-affirming spirit of women's work as a statement of our shared humanity and the beauty. Marvelous!

  • Nancy

    Kirstie's exquisite dream come true has created and manifested a tangible beautiful ancient spiritual knowing of the Weaver Woman in India Neith also the Black Madonna etc. The Creators of the dress have regained their strengths - much more than symbolism - it is tangible....income and self esteem. So honored to have seen this. Thank you so.

  • Guri

    This video is a testament to the transformative power of art. "The Red Dress" project beautifully showcases the resilience and creativity of women worldwide, empowering them to tell their stories through embroidery. Truly inspiring!

  • Samantha

    Very humblingand great to see some of the ladies that contributed to the dress the

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  • Learn more about the incredibly empowering Red Dress Project. 
  • Read the stories of some of the individual artisans who contributed to the Red Dress who are supported by Kisany DR Congo.
  • Listen to the Stitchery Stories podcast with artist Kirstie Macleod on the history and evolution of the Red Dress Project. 

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